New Iran teaser from the Discord

2021.09.20 15:55 AndroidWhale New Iran teaser from the Discord

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2021.09.20 15:55 ozanimefan what a degenerate

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2021.09.20 15:55 g_ricko89 From one generation to the next😻.

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2021.09.20 15:55 McJaegerbombs Shield Pro remote eats batteries?

So I have 2 shields. A Shield Pro (2019) and a Shield (2017). Also, when they released the new remote for purchase (the triangle one) I bought one for my Shield (2017).
The remote for my Shield Pro just eats batteries. I probably have to replace them every 2-3 weeks as the remote will just be dead. However, my regular Shield with the new remote (so it is the same model remote), I think I have only had to replace the batteries maybe 2 times in the almost 2 years that I have had it. They probably get about the same amount of use so it's not like I am using the Pro remote any more.
Anyone else have this issue? Do you think there is something wrong with the remote for my Shield Pro?
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2021.09.20 15:55 Sirico Trying to create a GUI that changes the value of "url=" in my code

Hi everyone,
I'm trying to develop a small program that searches a url input via gui
#GUI window =Tk() window.title=("scraper") window.geometry('400x200') def button_command(): text = entry1.get() print(text) return None entry1 = Entry(window, width = 20) entry1.pack() Button (window, text="Enter URL", command=button_command).pack() window.mainloop()
# url url = (text)

Thanks for taking the time to look at the post
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2021.09.20 15:55 Bauch_the_bard The non-standardisation of crisp packets

You see your mate enjoying a nice blue bag of what you assume to be cheese and onion crisps so you ask him for one, you stick you hand in the bag pull out a crisp and take a bite, to your horror you realise that your eating a salt and vinegar crisp, your mate is now laughing at your as you pull a sour face. And this is all due to the fact that for some reason the salt and vinegar, and cheese and onion crisp packet colours seemingly swap between companies.
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2021.09.20 15:55 skyliner30rs Le shooting branke😍😍😍

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2021.09.20 15:55 Independent_Ruin_697 Extremely unfunny and un original “ OoOoO Pico has gun and is schizophrenic”

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2021.09.20 15:55 trowaway249 This makes me sound like a pussy but I gotta get an opinion

I have serious issues when it comes to women. I feel IMMENSE pressure whenever talking to a girl. I feel like they want a relationship no matter what and I just panic and try to sabotage myself I guess. Ergo, I just avoid talking to women.
When I was in elementary school, this girl liked me. I didn’t like her nor anyone cause I was definitely not mature enough to care about those things. This girl kept asking me all the time if I like her and I’d say no. Like, I played this online game called RuneScape and she’d have her friends get on there, find me IN GAME, and harass me about not liking her back…
One day, it’s like a half day thing and I’m around the back of the school. Here comes her and 3 of her friends. She’s aggressive now. ‘Hey so how come you dont like me blah blah’. Eventually, her and her friends are pressing me so I just cave and say ok I like you too.. fuck.
She is now demanding that I kiss her in front of her friends (mind you, I’d known her friends longer as she was a transfer so it sucked seeing them do this). Now I’m just like tf do I do, I kissed her. Now she’s like oh we’re together and I’m like no we’re not. ‘ ok I’m gonna chase and kick you then’ smh.
Idr next but I know the RuneScape harassment increased to where I stopped playing. Even after that it was just very aggressive from her towards me, I guess more bitchy as well.
Anyways, that probably stunted my willingness to be with women because the next gf I had was in middle school and we broke up in a couple weeks because I didn’t want to kiss. Not because I wasn’t ready this time, but because I feared what might come in terms of the relationship.
Now, I loathe the idea of relationships. I have friends who ask me why I don’t date much all the time and I just say I’m just living life, but really, I’m fucking scared man :(
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2021.09.20 15:55 crpyzzz The Allfather has not blessed me today, felagi fighters 😔

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2021.09.20 15:55 stubbornbunny H: Full set of p.a W: legacy offer

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2021.09.20 15:55 radh11 📰 Updates from AdTech Weekly Roundup #179 - A Free Newsletter by Automatad

Hi everyone! Here's the summary of what we discussed in our newsletter this week. You can read it on header bidding dot co:

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2021.09.20 15:55 Yodakillerstar2121 Yes

I got a promotion yesterday. Might be a down grade to some of you. But I am no longer a server on weekends I am no a host. The mangers boss saw how good I was at keeping customers entertained at their tables so he gave me a job at makes at least minimum wage and I don’t have to do much side work if at all. Absolute win.
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2021.09.20 15:55 The_Sown_Rose Swimsuit ballooning

I don’t really swim (to the point that I can’t unaided) so my main criteria in a swimsuit is it looks nice and stylish whilst I’m just sitting in water. Mostly hot tubs.
I’ve had problems with ballooning in the past, one looked like I was pregnant with quadruplets. I thought a one piece would be better but a friend is telling me tankini styles are. If the goal is to avoid ballooning, what style is best to look for?
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2021.09.20 15:55 brealtor99 Large Account HODL’s

Are you comfy with holding all your btc with CDC? I know this is a personal decision, not your keys not your crypto, I get it. But the earn on CDC is crazy good.
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2021.09.20 15:55 reelznfeelz Error report doesn't send?

I guess it's b/c they don't support the game any more. I get occasional crashes, but I did play for a couple hours last night w/out a crash, so should probably just be happy. Seems like windows 8 compatibility mode and/or run as admin may have made a difference for me. I'm on a win10 machine using a 3090 GPU and 3700x CPU. New drivers of course.
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2021.09.20 15:55 Butchimus "Here's your milk and cookies" my dad said as he presented the treats before me at the table.

But was actually raisin cookie, not choccy chip, so I stabbed him in the back of the head as those creatures from outside battered against the windows with bloodlust in their glowing red eyes whom'st've were hungry for the unborn fetus in my dad's womb.
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2021.09.20 15:55 Revolutionary-Lab-36 Apple pencil leather tip mod

This video says that the leather tip dampens the clacking sound made by apple pencil to the ipad.
I was wondering if anyone has any experience on this, and if so:

  1. Does the tip last?
  2. Can you mod this yourself?
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2021.09.20 15:55 Manda_Panda86 The moon last night

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2021.09.20 15:55 meepmeep_4 Oh no, the dog ate my _____ !

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2021.09.20 15:55 speckz Can the economy afford NOT to fight climate change? - Some say the economic costs of fighting climate change are too high, but a new study shows the economic cost of doing nothing could be 15 times higher than current estimates.

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2021.09.20 15:55 jklingkling What are some popular recruitment websites to recruit a manager-level role in Accra? Not looking for recruitment agencies; just somewhere to post job ads.

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2021.09.20 15:55 g1golo1995 Chain battle roster that I will be trying

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2021.09.20 15:55 The_Zoink Drip doggo drip doggo

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2021.09.20 15:55 BigBossThePupper Will the Reds finish the season over .500?

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