NTEX is a powerful project!

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2021.09.20 16:19 mcni21 NTEX is a powerful project!

ANTEX is a powerful project! The team is in close contact with the community and is easily accessible for sharing new ideas or answering issues. I wish this project dynamic growth
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2021.09.20 16:19 Mycroft033 Looked up the Wikipedia article about Men’s Rights on a whim and I was actually pleasantly surprised at how fair it seems to be. What do you guys think?

Looked up the Wikipedia article about Men’s Rights on a whim and I was actually pleasantly surprised at how fair it seems to be. What do you guys think? submitted by Mycroft033 to MensRights [link] [comments]

2021.09.20 16:19 crapbags Help authenticating DCMs?

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2021.09.20 16:19 Emiq00 The new update

I’ts bad. it’s just really bad. I’m not against ads i understand that it’s needed for the app to keep going. however, the new update has made the app almost unusable.
The screen used to feel big and pretty professional (the app being free and all)... now it feels distracting, annoying and just buggy.
I have been trying to get used to it but it’s hard. I accidentally clicked on one of the ads and it took me to a different website which erased all my progress. Its also messing with the layers, sometimes I’m unable to scroll down for some reason? It just feels really buggy.
I do not have money for the premium and i’m not really interested in the extra brushes and the stuff that comes with it. This is a shame because I love medibang and I have been using it for almost 2 years now. The brushes are great and it has some unique features and it just feels nice to use but i’m genuinely considering switch apps because of this.
I know i’m not the first one to complain about this but I hope the creators might see the feedback and do something about this.
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2021.09.20 16:19 nothotforever He is looking at a snack.

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2021.09.20 16:19 misana123 NYC Revises Testing, Quarantine Protocols For Public Schools

NYC Revises Testing, Quarantine Protocols For Public Schools submitted by misana123 to Coronavirus [link] [comments]

2021.09.20 16:19 plotus444 vtec

did anyone ever figure out a good fix for this vtec shit? this is the 3rd solenoid (first oem ) that ive bought in like 6 months and ik the part isnt bad. once again car ran great for a few weeks /month and now im having issues again same trifecta of lights and no rev past 3000 rpm. let me know if anyone out there has found a solid fix for this im sick of itttttt
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2021.09.20 16:19 heisLegend Eligible but no 3rd Child Tax acted it

I have received the first two child tax credits on time but this third one for September still has not hit my account and the website still says I am eligible. Is anyone else having this issue?
I called on the 16th and they said they are staggering them and to give it 5 days. Not sure what to believe.
Anyone else having issues?
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2021.09.20 16:19 seeyatt If you walk around repeating "a pie" with your hand in the air, someone is bound to give you a high five

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2021.09.20 16:19 chickenspa6 Derp

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2021.09.20 16:19 SnooStrawberries8806 Semaglutide synergistic with L-Carnitine?

Has anyone also wondered if L-Carnitine and Semaglutide have a synergistic relationship? I’m thinking: L-Carnitine requires an insulin response during the initial two week loading phase and Semaglutide stimulates insulin secretion, so wouldn’t this synergy make L-Carnitine more effective as a result? I postulate that one who takes Semaglutide may also see that their L-Carnitine goes farther, since it may more easily top off stores once loaded in the body. Thoughts?
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2021.09.20 16:19 DM_Meeble [No Spoilers] Chasemarsh Monday: September babies (by majdart)

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2021.09.20 16:19 mammothalbatross25 Spotting Trapped Traders In the DOM

Spotting Trapped Traders In the DOM Spotting trapped traders in the DOM is very profitable for trading, whether large or small cap. It allows for the tightest reliable stops, based on market orders. Look at 4368.50, 2,063 buy market orders came in, then price ticked below 4368.50 and fell hard. Trapped traders.
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2021.09.20 16:19 tyw7 Cat in a pot

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2021.09.20 16:19 z3r0Var0c A little basic, but my first voyage to Batuu was a success! After all the help this sub gave me, I figured the least I could do is showcase my build

A little basic, but my first voyage to Batuu was a success! After all the help this sub gave me, I figured the least I could do is showcase my build submitted by z3r0Var0c to savisworkshop [link] [comments]

2021.09.20 16:19 cheetosfishy Program fees in this shit hole uni

Do we get charged program fees even if we had less than 2 credits in semesters before we enrolled into deregulated program?
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2021.09.20 16:19 bussingbussy How can I not buy it??

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2021.09.20 16:19 were_all_seagulls Them dumbasses really can't pick a side (original by u/SanWu_)

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2021.09.20 16:19 Daelien14 Poolside with a cocktail palce?

Hello everyone, me and my girlfriend, both form outside Piemonte was wandering if there is a place in turin where to spend an evening in a pool, possibly with a bar and a peaceful atmosphere.
Any tips?
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2021.09.20 16:19 AdAdministrative9904 supernatural anime

Ok so there use to be an anime on Netflix about 5 years ago roughly. It was a supernatural one where a guy and girl would go to these different places to disprove ghost and stuff. I specifically remember one scene where this one girl said she could bend spoons and the main guy stopped her mid act and told her not to bend it on the chair. also at the end it was revealed he was an op supernatural physic or whatever. Everyone i have asked says the remember watching it but have no clue what it was called. and we all remember it being dubbed. any ideas?
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2021.09.20 16:19 EnvironmentalMap5 Spoken Digits Recognition App using Deep Learning | From Scratch

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2021.09.20 16:19 bruh_im_lagging Why tf are running shoes called tennis shoes.

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2021.09.20 16:19 duankuxiaozi 15年左右的时候为什么膜蛤突然流行起来了?

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2021.09.20 16:19 jonpin [WTB] M5 RAS lower (FL)

Like the title says I need an M5 RAS lower. P&S or Knights salt doesn't matter 60$ or more
M5 RAS lower https://imgur.com/a/gcV74Vv
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2021.09.20 16:19 briansteel420 Vent about relapse

I almost got 30 days free of sugar, even fruits and every form of carbs. Just yesterday I was extremely proud of myself that I could have done this with pure willpower.
Well, today I woke up with unusual severe depression. Just bought myself a chocolate bar, caffe latte and one energy drink. I ate/drank everything within few minutes. It was amazing. But now I feel the effects wearing down, making myself kind of suicidal. Not gonna do it, but don't know how else to describe how I am feeling right now.
I am not doing this for weight loss. I hoped with some dietary change I would ameliorate my depression and digestive issues, got chronic, permanent (every single second) stomach pain. Meds never worked, so I finally changed my diet. But nearly after one whole month of eating extremely healthy, I did not find any improvements, in fact my depression got a bit worse.
Don't know what to do right now. My situation feels hopeless now. Don't know if changing my diet does even help with my issues. This uncertainty makes it very very hard to stick to the diet. When you see no improvements after one month, what makes you still keep on?
Thank you for reading! Writing this down helps a bit at least. :/
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