Living with my boyfriend for a month and I hate it

2021.09.20 15:59 CitronTop6906 Living with my boyfriend for a month and I hate it

Hey guys, been with my partner for 3 years and we recently moved in. He didn't keep his place tidy before I moved in, but he swore he'd be better once living with me. Surprise surprise he is still messy. I've had several chats with him about it and it either blows up into a big argument or he says I'm nagging. Lately I've been seeing he has a horrible temper and he started throwing things accross the room because I asked him to move a big pile of junk from a sofa.
He's also a homebody and barely leaves the house, which never bothered me before. But there is something so frustrating when I'm doing the majority of cooking and cleaning and he is just lying there smoking weed and playing video games.
I'm by no means a neat freak, I'd actually say my standard is sub-par, but my partner is a whole new level of gross. He'll open food and just drop the packet on the floor, he will open a drawer and just leave it lying open. When it's his turn to take the bin down he will stall and stall until I give in and take it down because it's full and starting to smell. I want to cry because I feel like I keep having to repeat myself, he says he will try to do better but then 5 minutes later does the exact same thing. I want to move out again but I'm afraid if I do it will be the end of our relationship.
I just didn't see him being THIS selfish and his bad temper is a huge turn off. I'm dreading him coming home from work :( Help

TL;DR, I hate living with my bf and I only moved in a month ago
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2021.09.20 15:59 Howard-Han Do you know Mental Health First Aid?

Hello, dear friends. I am a CFA graduate student conducting research on mental health first aid training and implementation. If you have any relevant experience, I would be very grateful for your help in completing this questionnaire.
Here is the link:
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2021.09.20 15:59 mccloud_jamie Tamanna baby

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2021.09.20 15:59 _sea_salty Omg narcissist dropped

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2021.09.20 15:59 Sh4Dow_MCYT_Girl A mini IRL Tommy doodle that I make at school today ✨

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2021.09.20 15:59 salatkronung Kelce for Lamar and chris Carson?

I have josh Allen at QB and pitts at TE. My number 2 RB is James Robinson, Damien Harris, Mike Davis. Do I pull trigger and trade Kelce away
View Poll
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2021.09.20 15:59 JeevanBiswas90 Whitest Paint In the World: Ultra-white Reflective Paint By Purdue Scientists Enters Guinness World Records; Has Potential To Cool Buildings in Future

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2021.09.20 15:59 remrinds My (29M) dads(58M) getting remarried to someone 25yrs younger

I got no one in particular that I can talk about this kind of stuff so this is the best place I can think of
Long story short, my dad and my mum have been split since I was 8, but they’ve always had a good relationship after the split for the sake of us (sisters and myself) my mum now lives in a diffrent country and I live in the same country as my dad.
My dad came out to us a few days ago that he has been seeing someone for the last few years and was going to marry by the end of the year, we were all shocked the fact that he kept us in the dark regarding his relationship and came out of the blue with the news. The thing is the partner in question is 25 years younger than him. So red flags all up in the place for us Initially but personally I was ok with it, I haven’t met the person so I don’t know until I meet them but solely the fact that my dad lives semi alone (my sister lives with him but they barely see each other), and he’s had heart attack and a brain tumour in the past so I was a little relieved that someone would be there constantly if godforbid something happens to him.
My sisters on the other than aren’t happy at all, I mean their swearing they’ll do anything to stop the marriage because we don’t know the other person and for all we know she could be after the money (my dads a professor at a university and is a very successful entrepreneur)
But my dad won’t listen my sisters disagreement and I’m in the middle of it trying to calm the situation even though I’m in the midst of a pendulum on wether I support this or not.
I understand my dad and my sisters POV but I just don’t know how to talk to the two and what the best outcome is. At the end of the day I’ll respect my dads choices but I’m also afraid that his rushing things.
Anyway, I just wanted to put my mind to words. If anyone came across a similar situation, sharing the experience would be appreciated. Thanks
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2021.09.20 15:58 bungenlee EPA Recognizes ALDI U.S. for Ongoing Green Energy Leadership

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2021.09.20 15:58 BotDefense overview for Hoodini5o5

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2021.09.20 15:58 Tailsmate I redesigned my mascot :>

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2021.09.20 15:58 Uncle_Bones_ Sushi rice - measure cooked or non-cooked?

First time poster, looking for some help.
Gonna try my hand at making some sushi, with the idea of making a big batch of rice I can freeze into individual portions and get out the morning before they're needed so they can defrost.
When dry, my total came to about 880g of rice (4 cups worth). After cooking everything in the rice cooker, I measured out 11 portions of rice (1 cup per portion), and the total weight of the cooked rice came to about 1760g.
Here's some screen grabs of the MFP nutritional pages for the rice.
Should I measure the rice when dry or should I measure them when cooked? I can't tell whether these nutritional stats are based off of dry or cooked rice, and I don't want to over or underestimate how many calories each portion would be.
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2021.09.20 15:58 ajrfan4life egg_irl

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2021.09.20 15:58 Calvin_James20 [FOR HIRE ] FOR ONLINE MATH CLASS TUTOR!!!!!!!... Algebra, calculus, statistics, Precalculus, homework, assignments, online classes, quiz, exam, projects, and discussion posts. Chat, pm, or email or DISCORD Calvin#6312

MY PROFILE. My name is Calvin Jamies and I'm a League-educated math Trainor who graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in Mathematics And who is currently available to help students. I help students with their online math classes. I am very skilled in helping both high school and college students both understand and ultimately get an A in mathematics. Guaranteed A in the following topics: ✓ Algebra ✓ Calculus ✓ Geometry ✓ Probability ✓ Pre-calculus ✓ Quantitative Reasoning. ✓ Statistics ✓ Trigonometry and many more.
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MY EDUCATIONAL AREA OF EXPERIENCE I am very familiar and well-versed in the following online educational software below and can easily learn other software not mentioned below:
✓ ALEKS ✓ Aplia ✓ BlackBoard ✓ Canvas ✓ Connect ✓ Connexus ✓ Edmentum ✓ Hawkes Learning ✓ MathXL ✓ MyMathLab ✓ MyStatLab ✓ Moodle ✓ Pearson ✓ PlatoWeb ✓ Straighter Line ✓WebAssign
FEATURES OF MY ONLINE MATH CLASS SERVICES: ✓Full-Service 24/7 online academic assistance in math. ✓Guaranteed 90-100% on every assignment, quiz, exam, discussion post I work on. ✓ Instant replies.
REACH OUT HANDLES. Email: Discord: Calvin##6312
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2021.09.20 15:58 vldzmtordusvlf Long weekend becomes 9-week lockdown for AP Vietnam reporter

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2021.09.20 15:58 olive3garden Ending game with Mars colony

I attempted to end a game last night by building the space station, launching a man to the moon and then building a Mars colony. However, after I built the Mars colony, nothing happened, the game didn't end, I just got fame and it continues as normal. I looked and there were no other shared projects I could build nor was there anything else I could find associated with the Mars colony. I was playing on default settings, minus difficulty, which was set to prince(I think, whichever is the middle one).
I should note that I started the game before the recent patch update and just finished it last night. I don't know if the new patch updating got rid of that end game scenario, or somehow blocked it due to updating in the middle of the game. Is this a bug or am I missing something. Fyi - it was only 20 turns to the end of the game, so I just finished up the game by getting to turn 300, but I still feel it should have ended when I built the Mars colony. Thanks for any help
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2021.09.20 15:58 Keilik More pictures or something, but how it started vs how it’s going

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2021.09.20 15:58 pto1155 Charging for sauce at a restaurant is the scummiest thing they can do.

Any restaurant that charges extra for sauce that they provided you already but provided so little that you used it all halfway through your meal and asks for 50 cents extra is stupid. Sauce should be free and unlimited if needed.
Not just sauce that comes with your meal originally, but all their "homemade" shit should be free. Sauce should not be charged!
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2021.09.20 15:58 johnsmith298

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2021.09.20 15:58 iHemoX3 I knew there was something off about that dog

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2021.09.20 15:58 Old_Understanding_67 EXISTE MESTRADO EM ARTES VISUAIS EM CURITIBA????

Vou terminar o meu curso de design gráfico no fim desse ano mas estou querendo fazer um mestrado em artes visuais e queria saber se alguém sabe se existe esse mestrado na federal de Curitiba? Ou mestrado em alguma outra área de artes? E queria saber tbm se a federal de Curitiba também é boa pq eu nunca ouvi falar mt dela
É muito importante saber disso pq eu Não moro em Curitiba e estou com planos de me mudar, aí de realmente existir esse mestrado então é enormes chances de eu me mudar pra aí
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2021.09.20 15:58 DeepImpactCarrotPie Gesundheitscheck mit Anfang 20

Vor ein paar Wochen wurden bei mir im Krankenhaus zufällig zu niedrige Kalium Werte festgestellt. Da deren Drucker nicht funktionierte, durfte ich 2 Bilder vom Bildschirm mit dem Handy machen - leider ist nur der Anfang und das Ende der Werte auf den Bildern...
Jetzt hatte ich mir gedacht, dass es nicht verkehrt wäre vielleicht einmal im Jahr ein Blutbild zu erstellen um mögliche Erkrankungen/Mängel früher zu erkennen und auch alte Werte zum Vergleich zu haben.
Also war ich gerade beim Arzt und mir wurde gesagt, dass ich in den nächsten 15 Jahren nur einen einzigen Check-up von der Kasse bezahlt bekomme.
Habt ihr irgendwelche Tipps wie man einfach selbst (außer Puls, Gewicht und Blutdruck) solche Daten sammeln und auswerten kann? Oder generell Dinge die man diesbezüglich regelmäßig tun kann?
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2021.09.20 15:58 _u_whats_this at long last

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2021.09.20 15:58 wbradleyjr1 Senate Parliamentarian Strikes Out 8 Million Green Card Plan in Democrats Spending Package

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2021.09.20 15:58 LordProtector_IV [Sex Education Season 3] Season 3 of the uber-progressive show pulls all the right emotional strings

I have been a fan of Sex Education, since the first episode I had seen 2 years ago. I think, I started watching it the moment it was available on Netflix, and God it was a refreshing dramedy. For this who know nothing about the show, it’s a British teen/young comedy-drama show, set in a countryside town of UK, called the Moordale. There are some anachronisms i.e. you see everyone using vinyl records, instead of Bluetooth speakers, to listen to music at homes and wired headphones to listen to music on-the-go. The show revolves around the high school students of Moordale Secondary. Otis Millburn (who’s mother is a sex therapist herself), who has no experience with sex, ends up becoming a sex therapist for the teens in the school with raging hormones. And, there are many LGBTQ+ characters, and the ensemble slowly gains pace over the course of 3 seasons.
The sex fluff aside, the show actually makes a lot of good points relationships in general, and the meaning of having partners. It’s of course a progressive show, with characters being non-binary, openly gay etc.
What made me write this post is the sheer amount of emotions I felt while watching the third season. Third season took a long time because of the pandemic (of course!), but they have pulled out a great set of 8 episodes, that makes you look at life in a refreshing non-serious yet deep light. I high recommend you guys binge watching the entire show!
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