Senate Parliamentarian Strikes Out 8 Million Green Card Plan in Democrats Spending Package

2021.09.20 15:58 wbradleyjr1 Senate Parliamentarian Strikes Out 8 Million Green Card Plan in Democrats Spending Package

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2021.09.20 15:58 LordProtector_IV [Sex Education Season 3] Season 3 of the uber-progressive show pulls all the right emotional strings

I have been a fan of Sex Education, since the first episode I had seen 2 years ago. I think, I started watching it the moment it was available on Netflix, and God it was a refreshing dramedy. For this who know nothing about the show, it’s a British teen/young comedy-drama show, set in a countryside town of UK, called the Moordale. There are some anachronisms i.e. you see everyone using vinyl records, instead of Bluetooth speakers, to listen to music at homes and wired headphones to listen to music on-the-go. The show revolves around the high school students of Moordale Secondary. Otis Millburn (who’s mother is a sex therapist herself), who has no experience with sex, ends up becoming a sex therapist for the teens in the school with raging hormones. And, there are many LGBTQ+ characters, and the ensemble slowly gains pace over the course of 3 seasons.
The sex fluff aside, the show actually makes a lot of good points relationships in general, and the meaning of having partners. It’s of course a progressive show, with characters being non-binary, openly gay etc.
What made me write this post is the sheer amount of emotions I felt while watching the third season. Third season took a long time because of the pandemic (of course!), but they have pulled out a great set of 8 episodes, that makes you look at life in a refreshing non-serious yet deep light. I high recommend you guys binge watching the entire show!
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2021.09.20 15:58 Silver-Degree4719 What does being friends with an ex mean?

Do you hangout and talk one on one? Or are you just friendly with each other when you see them around?
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2021.09.20 15:58 nickmigs Red Hot Chili Pepper/Stadium Arcadium design

So I’m a huge fan of RHCP, and I’m looking to get a tattoo of their logo that incorporates the album art from my favorite album Stadium Arcadium
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2021.09.20 15:58 dieandforgetit For others with conspiracy theorist parents, how do you deal with them?

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2021.09.20 15:58 JacquesMercieca Add me :) My friend code is 6239 6623 7824

Add me :) My friend code is 6239 6623 7824
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2021.09.20 15:58 CCDombro Someone said they saw this video in an episode. Was wondering if anyone else has

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2021.09.20 15:58 kettle-fan I’m sure I’m sure

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2021.09.20 15:58 quarryninja What's a social convention you wish didn't exist?

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2021.09.20 15:58 BraedenFFA What the most hype juice wrld songs you know released or unreleased

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2021.09.20 15:58 satya164 Order birthday cake in Espoo?

Hey everyone, I am looking for a place to order a cake for my friend's birthday. I don't actually live in Finland so I have to order it online and have it delivered.
Do you have any suggestions about where I can order a cake?
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2021.09.20 15:58 External_Possible_88 Baby needs a online sugardaddy 🍑

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2021.09.20 15:58 CH0RL0CK Milei Best waifu

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2021.09.20 15:58 tigeryi Bloomberg: The Taper That Will Really Bite Into U.S. Growth Isn’t the Fed’s

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2021.09.20 15:58 ThrowRafeelingsw The way my(22M) girlfriend (22F) talks about men makes me feel horrible

My girlfriend always makes jokes about men and how they are dumber, vulgar, cruel and driven by ego. It is usually worse when her friends are over.
I know that she loves me she isn't talking about me but it still feels that way and I feel like she doesn't really love me. It just makes me feel like I'm not good enough for her. It is bad.
The thing is though is that, this is probably a coping mechanism for her. She was groomed when she was 16. Her dad was a dead beat and her step father is very conservative and old school on values even though he loves her. She doesn't have a lot of reason to like men.
I don't know how to bring this up, i feel like it would make me look really insecure if I do talk to her about it. I don't know how to talk to her.
TLDR : girlfriend has low opinion about men and I feel like she had low opinion of me.
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2021.09.20 15:58 Stub2107 ITAP of the sunset over a boating lake nearby

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2021.09.20 15:58 Woofy140 [OFFER] non-VOIP SMS verifications from 2$

Hello Friends,
This is my OFFER for SMS verifications for FTX/TindeTwitteInstagram/Facebook/Leauge of Legends/Venmo/UbeUber Eats/ and OTHER similar platforms/services.
Numbers are non-VOIP and the Price is from 2$ to 4$ per phone number depending on your country.
Reputation Comments here
Accepting PayPal or crypto-currency
Hit me up with a PM
Stay safe! ✌
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2021.09.20 15:58 TreeTopTibby H: Lots of weapons W: Open to different offers

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2021.09.20 15:58 cuso201 Anyone know if the rust belt hats will arrive in store? I missed the drop online a while back by an hour.

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2021.09.20 15:58 Rockwood420 Ich_iel

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2021.09.20 15:58 22dmgxy students having fun, while the soldier die inside

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2021.09.20 15:58 SilverStemCannabis Incredible Power strain

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2021.09.20 15:58 Cautious-Lifeguard98 Meu namorado não gosta de transar do mesmo jeito que eu

Em vez de se esforçar para me dar prazer, acho que ele prefere nem fazer por se achar insuficiente, diz que já tentou de tudo (algum prazer é melhor que nenhum, certo?)
Eu não acho que ele já tentou de tudo, eu acho que ele não consegue entender que eu funciono de forma diferente dele, que eu preciso de um estímulo no clitóris, que eu não gosto de sexo rápido em que ele só mete em mim, que eu não gosto de transar se a gente mal ta se falando, ele da a desculpa que temos pouco tempo pra querer fazer um sexo mais rápido, já que não temos muita privacidade.
A gente passa muito tempo junto, mas sempre assistindo outra coisa ou jogando, mas ele não entende que eu não valorizo isso não, eu realmente gosto de bater um papo, olho no olho, conversar sobre a vida de vez em quando, me sentir intima, o que ele parece não ligar
Agora oq que me fez escrever esse post, ele me revelou que acha que eu sempre quero fazer o processo todo, (conversar, premiliminares ai então o que ele parece realmente gostar, penetração, que eu tbm gosto)
Isso me ofendeu profundamente, pq soa que ele acha que o que é importante pra mim, pra ele é uma mera obrigação
Nós brigamos, eu chamei ele de egoísta e ele disse que se eu acho que ele faz alguma coisa por obrigação, eu não o conheço, o que é vdd, ele realmente não faz nada do que não quer, o que é realmente um saco, acho que ele não sabe ceder
Eu não quero simplesmente terminar, pq sei que todos vão falar isso, quero dialogar e tentar resolver as coisas
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2021.09.20 15:58 misterbeee2 Has anyone in lore referenced the tabletop game of 40k?

As the title says, has anyone (canon or non-canon) broke the 4th wall and referenced the tabletop portion of 40k, either in a direct or indirect way?
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2021.09.20 15:58 Drawings_x En Liten Fanart Till Hulten Bulten Hultman!! Från Asher! #hultärcool

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