#fanart 43 BeachBall

2021.09.20 15:22 1990Skidraw #fanart 43 BeachBall

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2021.09.20 15:22 Belalmondeo 1978 Porsche 911 Targa, manual, 107000 miles, convertible | eBay (Auction) - $19,7K So far.

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2021.09.20 15:22 comedump22 Anon is a clown

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2021.09.20 15:22 dandelion992 Help understanding sweetheart baudrillard

When he talks about the ‘original’, what reality is he referring to? Pre-colonial society? I get that for some things there is no original...but is that everything in society now?
Also does he believe simulacrum to be consciously created by people with an agenda, or do they come into existence as the byproduct of industrialisation/ colonisation etc. ? Or something different?
Thanks nerds 💙
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2021.09.20 15:22 gusfring88 Buscemi was terrible on the show

He is a legend and I'm a big fan of his, but Tony B was an awful character. He didn't come off as a mobster or cold blooded killer, he came off like a nerdy civilian. I don't know if it was bad writing or acting but that character didn't work. He played a much better gangster in reservoir dogs.
P.S. That Jackie Gleeson sthick was cringe
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2021.09.20 15:22 felicityaerie a funny lil thought

posting this here bc i have no other place to gush HAHAHAHHA
gon, killua, and comrades: intensely prepares for battle
mereum: goes through both puberty & an existential crisis
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2021.09.20 15:22 ShortAlgo $SRPT Awaiting Short signal on SRPT https://t.co/JbJERUnWj5

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2021.09.20 15:22 Relative-Mango4104 KCET Counseling

I've got a rank of 3255 in KCET...I'm pretty sure I'll get ECE but can I get cse through the waitlist round?
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2021.09.20 15:22 Ayiedakgalbi Hi everyone, pardon my noob question.. Can i knoww what exactly makes the anime adaption to be awful?

Is it because the lack of story content? / bad animation? / misinterpretations? / boring story line? - in the anime.
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2021.09.20 15:22 MopPanda next generation gaming keyboard idea

Disclaimer 1: The way this post is written will be off-putting to some of you and some may feel the need to tell me that an "idea" is worthless and that it's probably not as good as I think it is.
Disclaimer 2: I'm not a public relations professional, nor am I a lawyer or a well-spoken businessman. This post won't be the best sales pitch in history because that's not what I'm good at. If anything, if this post was really well written, then that should worry you. I'm a gamer. A gamer who has always tried to optimise every single aspect of the gaming experience. No more, no less.

With that out of the way, let me tell you what this is all about: I have the concept for the next generation of gaming keyboards right here in front of me. Every gamer in the world will want to upgrade at some point in the future to get the best possible gaming experience.
Gaming and optimising every day for the past decade has gradually led me to where I am today. We are talking 10 years of experience in figuring out the best way to play games. I'm not trying to come off as snobbish, but doing what I did for the past decade is pretty much the only way to work out the functionalities that future gaming keyboards need to have. No amount of market research is going to net you these results. Constantly brainstorming ways to improve the way you interface with a game is not something many gamers do.
So what does it mean to improve the way you interface with a game?
It means making gaming easier - more accessible - more intuitive - more efficient.
It means making your gaming experience better.
Gaming is the sport of the future. The game industry is the biggest entertainment industry in the world. Let us take the tools we use to game to the next level.
To recap: Gamer who has spent the past 10 years of his life figuring out the best possible way to play games needs your help to make the next generation of gaming keyboards a reality. Here is how you can help:

  1. Leave a comment and tell me what problems you've run into playing games on traditional keyboard and mouse. Obviously, there is no way for me to explain the benefits of my new keyboard concept in detail without giving it away, but what I can do is let you know whether my solution fixes your problems!
  2. Another way to help is to keep reading and give advice wherever you can. Any input is greatly appreciated!

Here is what this thread is about: What is my best option to make this keyboard happen?
Option 1. is to get in contact with a designer or product manager working at one of the big tech companies like LogitechG, Razer or Asus. I would then sit down with them and help develop/prototype the new keyboard. I'm already in contact with some industrial designers working at these companies and a few have responded. The problem is that I can't talk to them about specifics because of the Unsolicited Submissions Policy that all these companies have in place. It's for legal reasons, but basically you can't tell any company about your concept unless you sign a contract with them, but they won't hand you a contract unless they know your concept is good. It's a catch-22 and the reason why there previously hasn't been a way for "idea guys" to get in touch with any major tech company. I put "idea guy" in quotation marks because I know that it's a charged term that triggers a lot of people. Why should some random dude get to decide what the next generation of gaming keyboards is going to look like? There are so many people out there who have spent years studying Industrial Design or Product Management or R&D. Shouldn't they be the ones developing the new generation of a product? - Those used to be my thoughts exactly and I held on to them for the longest time: "This year they'll release a keyboard very similar to my concept!" - "It can't be much longer until they announce their next keyboard that'll truly take gaming to the next level!" - "Any day now, surely." ... But it never happened.
Seasons came and went and I would still be sitting there with my old keyboard and mouse. So this year, I decided to take action. I realised that there isn't a single job description out there that says "Play games for 10 years and try to optimise everything. Figure out all the problems gamers have and find the right solution." No one working at LogitechG, Razer or Asus is doing that. People who work there all have *real* jobs. The Industrial Designer has actual, tangible skills that they can use to create a product. The Product Manager needs to have a deep understanding of the product development process. These people are real workers with actual skills. They don't have the time to sit at home and play games all day - even if the goal is to make the experience better for the customers.
The only people who lean into this space are R&D professionals. The Research and Development department of every big tech company has already thought about all possible modifications you could make to gaming keyboards. My keyboard concept is not something groundbreaking that no one has ever thought of before. I am certain that all R&D professionals working at LogitechG, Razer and Asus have had the exact same idea before. They all have come up with plenty of ways to improve gaming keyboards. Coming up with a number of different solutions to the problems gamers face doesn't require 10+ years of playing games while optimising everything. But there is one thing that does require 10+ years of playing games while optimising everything: And that is knowing the right solution. If you don't spend 10+ years of your life playing games every day, always looking for ways to improve the way you interface with a game, then there is no way for you to know which one of the solutions is the right one. This is also the reason why companies are so reluctant to release a new product. Bringing a new product to market costs companies a lot of money and the fear of picking the wrong solution is so big that they'd rather just do nothing at all. This is why we've been stuck with the same keyboard and mouse for the past 50 years.
(read more about ideas and how they correlate with experience below - section 1.1)
Another thing R&D does is market research and customer surveys. This is done to help companies come up with new ideas to improve existing product lines. The problem is that market research isn't all that useful if your goal is to find the next generation of a product. If it was useful, then all tech companies would be pumping out the newest inventions left, right and center. Valuable market research happens once you can show the consumer a working prototype. You have to create something that people don't know they need; then show it off and tell them how this new invention will fix all the problems they didn't even know they had. This is the first time interest checks and customer surveys make sense during a product development cycle.
So what can these tech companies do to get ahead; to lift themselves up from the competition? The only way I see is to outsource the "job" that I've been doing for the past 10 years. The trick is to find the person that has played games for 10 years straight and always tried to optimise everything. The Unsolicited Submissions Policy actively lowers the chances for a tech company to put themselves ahead of the competition. It's actually mind-boggling to me that designers and R&D professionals have to actively avoid interacting with experienced gamers to not get in legal trouble. The system is completely backwards. I get that you don't want to hire someone to play games for 10 years, but please - for all that is good and holy - set up a pipeline that connects extremely invested veteran gamers with your R&D team. There has to be a way to connect people with your company that have spent years trying to improve a product. Is every suggestion coming from the outside going to be a smash-hit? Hell, no. But there is someone out there with an idea in their head that would make your company millions of dollars. For this reason it would be foolish to simply dismiss everyone with an idea. It's also not like everyone has an idea all the time. When was the last time you've read a post like this one?
There aren't many gamers out there who are invested enough to spend years of their life creating a fully fleshed out design document describing the next generation of gaming keyboards. Please allow legitimate, innovative gamers to send in their well thought-out pitches.
(read more about how this could work below - section 1.2)

I know that a lot of people dislike hearing the word "idea". But does this also mean that an idea alone is "worthless"? - It depends. Let me start by giving you my definition of the word idea.
I distinguish between an idea and an invention as follows:
- An idea is taking an already existing product to the next level. (e.g. my keyboard)
- An invention is coming up with something that has literally never existed before. (e.g. Thomas Edison's light bulb)
- 'Under the hood' improvements to existing tech also fall under the inventions category. These require so much knowledge in mathematics and engineering, that they can hardly be called an "idea".
Alright. An idea (=upgrade to an existing product) can be anything in-between "completely worthless" and "worth a million dollars". What we have is a spectrum and where your idea lands on this spectrum depends on two factors:
- Your experience in a specific area
- Field of application
The more experience you have in your area of expertise, the better your idea will be. Whether your idea will also be "worth a million dollars" depends on the field of application. If your idea is really good, but the field of application is so small that only very few people will appreciate the idea, then you won't sell many units and companies will be less inclined to collaborate with you. On the other hand, if your idea is really good AND the field of application is wide, then companies would benefit greatly from a partnership.
The only way to conclusively evaluate an idea is to produce it, put it on the shelves and then look at units sold a couple of years later. Naturally, this approach isn't sustainable, so you'll want to make sure that the idea won't be a failure, before you enter production. If your plan is to release the next generation of a product line, then you need an idea guy who has years of experience in a very specific area to help you choose the right solution. The hard part is knowing whether or not you can trust the idea guy. How can you be sure that this random person actually knows what they are talking about?
The video game industry is relatively new. There aren't many university courses you can take that would prepare you for the industry. Additionally, the industry is growing and evolving rapidly, making it hard to establish industry standards that could be taught at universities around the globe. The lack of certificates and degrees makes assessing the credibility of an idea guy harder for companies. If you have an idea for an improvement to the cockpit of a plane, then an airline will only ever consider your input, if you can show them all your degrees in aviation and have at least 10+ years of experience as a pilot. With gaming keyboards, it's different.
Here are the two things an idea guy needs to bring to the table in the video game industry to be worth listening to:
- lots of experience in a specific area
- a detailed list of functional conditions for the designer
The latter is a list that contains a number of functional conditions that the next generation of a product has to meet. It tells you exactly what problem the idea is trying to solve and how the concept proposed will solve it. Having access to this list of conditions is a surefire way to tell whether or not the idea guy knows what they are talking about. If the idea guy can provide a long, comprehensible and detailed list of functional conditions that they have been reiterating on for years, then designing a prototype is simply a technicality. The notion that an idea guy also needs to be a tinkerer and can only ever be taken seriously when a prototype exists is unfounded. A list of 100s of functional conditions that the finished product has to meet is what makes an idea interesting and actionable.
Not only does such a list make the job for the designer much easier, it is also a good way to evaluate the usability of a product. You can summarise the list in a way that is easy to digest and then use it for market research.
Many gamers have already expressed interest in a keyboard concept very similar to mine. Over the past 2 years, tinkerer have produced keyboards based on a similar concept. These prototypes (coupled with a video explaining the benefits) have garnered a ton of positive feedback from the gaming community (we are talking tens of thousands of likes on YouTube videos). This means that there are already a lot of gamers out there who can see the benefits. If you understand the functionality and usability of my product today, then you'll want to upgrade as soon as it releases. After that, all it takes is a pro-gamer to win a tournament using my keyboard and the snowball will start rolling downhill.

If you are working at a tech company and are interested in connecting with an invested and experienced veteran gamer, then here is what we could do:
1) Follow me on Twitter so I can verify and then contact you.
2) We schedule a meeting where I pitch my idea.
3) We sign a contract that says that you are free to use or redistribute my submissions and their contents for any purpose whatsoever - in return you allow me to work with one of your designers for x weeks and use all of your infrastructure - regardless of whether you believe in my idea or not.
4) After x weeks of prototyping I start a Kickstarter showing off the keyboard.
5) Your company then decides whether or not to continue development based on the popularity of the Kickstarter campaign.

Option 2. is to take it into my own hands. I'd have to start a company, raise funds, hire people and gain massive amounts of experience in product management, production, marketing, distribution and business strategy. That's a tall order. And guess what: LogitechG/RazeAsus already have all of that (and more). If I take the reins, then it would take forever, the keyboard would be of subpar quality and my brand awareness would be zero. Yes, my hypothetical company would make all the money but that's not why I started all of this. Of course - money is nice - but the thing that drives me the most is knowing that I would be able to own so hard on that new keyboard. I want to hit the skill cap of the game I'm playing, but with the tools that are available to me right now ... that's not possible. Hardware is literally gatekeeping me and it drives me nuts. This is why I'm here looking for help.
I'm sorry for ranting a bit. I just want that keyboard so badly and I want it now. Not in 10 years. Not in 5 years. I'm not getting any younger. If the industry keeps on trucking at this pace, then we'll have the next generation of gaming hardware when I'm 50 years old. We are playing games in 2021 with hardware developed in the 1970s. Let that sink in. Many people tell me: "If you're so sure about your idea, then just do it yourself?". The main thing that's holding me back is the fact that I'd need to find answers to questions that other people already know the answer to. I don't want to spend the next 5 years of my life trying to find solutions to problems that people working at RazeAsus/LogitechG have already figured out. That would feel so bad.
I'm a gamer. A nerd. I'm not cut out to build and manage a company. I'm no designer either. I spent the last 10 years figuring out the next gen of keyboard and mouse. I hate to say it - but I did my job. A company isn't about one guy being a jack of all trades. It's a group of people coming together with different skill sets that complement each other. YES, I would make all the money if I did it all by myself, but money is not what I'm after. I want to game. I want to play. There is pretty much nothing that money can buy that is more fun than gaming. If you have enough money and time to play games, then you have peaked. All this talk about buying a yacht or buying a mansion is utter nonsense. If you have a pc, internet, games to play and food on the table, then all is well. You don't need more. At least I don't. If the company that I work with makes millions of dollars then sure - awesome - but that's not what I'm after.
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2021.09.20 15:22 JulioReese How is alabama for an international student?

How is Alabama location wise for an international student? I mean for safety, cost, social issues, social structure for an asian person etc. Any answer considering Uni Of Alabama, Huntsville / Birmingham, is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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2021.09.20 15:22 Trickee_peepee Thanks to this community Charlie has recovered from his edma! Here’s a in action photo of him eating lol

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2021.09.20 15:22 Sabin_Fain Wolverine Glitch

idk if it was just me but yesterday the wolverine built-in emote wasn’t working. the animation would play but the claws would not replace my current pickaxe. has this been an issue for everyone?
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2021.09.20 15:22 mothafuckinanimal Jersey Shore Film Club!

Monmouth County Film Club & Podcast! Started a community of film lovers based on The Jersey Shore. We watch/discuss one movie every week, specifically that have some relation to NJ/The Shore. Sign up on Patreon and get access to the discord, podcasts, videos, and future in person screenings at Red Banks Basie Cinema! Come one come all!
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Binance referral link - https://accounts.binance.us/en/register?ref=56191099
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2021.09.20 15:22 big____sad Anyone play PS5 and fancy adding me and my S/O? :)

We're 23f and 26f and would like some friends if anyone's down!
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