If you are antivaxers,

If definition is - in the event that. How to use if in a sentence. GEQ - Greater than or equal to. /i. Forces string comparisons to ignore case. You can use /i on the string1==string2 form of if. These comparisons are generic, in that if both string1 and string2 are comprised of numeric digits only, the strings are converted to numbers and a numeric comparison is performed. Use the IF function, one of the logical functions, to return one value if a condition is true and another value if it's false.. IF(logical_test, value_if_true, [value_if_false]) If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies, Or being hated, don’t give way to hating, And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise: If you can dream—and not make dreams your master; If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim; If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster. If—. Rudyard Kipling - 1865-1936. If you can keep your head when all about you. Are losing theirs and blaming it on you; If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too; If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, Or, being lied about, don’t deal in lies, Or, being hated, don’t give way to hating, If....: Directed by Lindsay Anderson. With Malcolm McDowell, David Wood, Richard Warwick, Christine Noonan. In this allegorical story, a revolution led by pupil Mick ...

2021.10.15 22:19 MouseKale If you are antivaxers,

I did the vaccine. I'm curious. Basically, I wonder whether antivaxers think it is part of a plan to reduce the population or if they think that we lack long term knowledge on the effects.
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2021.10.15 22:19 Jazzlike-Blood-3725 Let the rage begin.

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2021.10.15 22:19 Masked_Voyeur Eleição de 2022 fica longe da antipolítica com nomes experientes nas principais disputas

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2021.10.15 22:19 ayuuxxh can i superscore the subsections of my SAT?

I got a 780 on maths, and 640 on english. This was my second attempt, first was 680 in maths and 620 in english. Though, this time i messed up the reading section REAL bad. 280 on reading and 360 on writing. last time, it was 310 on both, reading and writing. can i superscore between the subsections of english, so that my scores are 310 and 360?
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2021.10.15 22:19 Redditiscancer777 Panera hat

There’s a hat (link at the bottom) that my friend has, and I like the way it looks, could someone pls tell me if this is like a hat type that I could lookup or could someone reply to this with a link to just a black version of this
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2021.10.15 22:19 anynynoums How fast can food poisoning affect you?? Please help

Hi! I just ate Mac n cheese from the place where my girlfriend works, she likes to bring them home in the plastic bags that they come in if they have extras at the end of the night. I’ve had them countless times but never gotten sick and I’m not lactose intolerant.
Anyways, after this time I noticed a weird after taste in my mouth, it was like nothing I’ve ever tasted. Probably 20 minutes passed by at most and I felt sick, I won’t get into too many details but I’ll just say I wasn’t using the bathroom for very long, mostly just recovering. I’ve felt fine all day so I know it’s from the Mac n cheese whatever it is.
Could this be food poisoning or is it something else? I have work in just a couple hours and it’s a 45 minute drive so I don’t want to get there and realize I have food poisoning.
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2021.10.15 22:19 SnooLobsters9478 GIRATINA RAID JOIN UPPPP - 5510 9752 2588

GIRATINA RAID JOIN UPPPP 3 min left - 5510 9752 2588
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2021.10.15 22:19 reddit_feed_bot Thomas1774Paine: ICYMI - Brooklyn Nets Ban Kyrie Irving From Playing Until He Gets Covid-19 Vaccine https://t.co/SgQtzZ0pAC

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2021.10.15 22:19 JuiceDom Shinies

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2021.10.15 22:19 contrasterotica look at how huge it is

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2021.10.15 22:19 martland28 Got this narly fork today

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2021.10.15 22:19 reccaworldwide Recca - Another Tale of Sleep Paralysis (Official Visualizer)

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2021.10.15 22:19 Ex_Ginger_Creep My first ever post in any community. You guys are amazing ^^

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2021.10.15 22:19 collectionsofcurious G.I.Joe Scarlett 25 anniversary edition

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2021.10.15 22:19 I_DontFeelGood 19 years old, looking for long term friends

Hello World!
if you guys looking for long term friends, im here! Message me and hopefully we're gonna be long term friends.
gender or age doesn't really matter! for online friends what matters is the time zone. my time zone is Gmt+3.
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2021.10.15 22:19 de_behaarde_tokkie Trying it again after a long break... (Is there any very big thing I've missed?)

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2021.10.15 22:19 Coffee2Code Why can't we dispose of our nuclear waste by launching it into the sun?

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2021.10.15 22:19 Akshat_rk Do we have a slack channel for woodworkers?

This has been my observation engaging with the channel here and definitely from my personal experience building my first woodworking project recently — guess, having a dedicated slack channel for woodworkers to engage, q&a more actively would be amazing!
Not sure if there is already one! If yes, please tell me — I would like to join please :)
Well, this is why I think a slack channel would be great for me (as well as for beginners & professional woodworkers):

  1. Engage more actively, ask QnA and get your queries resolved in a real time manner without needing to scroll through the reddit history
  2. Also, be able to find fellow woodworkers in the area! I found it so difficult to source some of the materials when I was building a bed frame for myself and felt that had I known a couple more people who I could ask advise from — would have done wonders!
  3. Also, just enjoy together and build great stuff!
What do y’ll think?
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2021.10.15 22:19 level815 Kat Graham

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2021.10.15 22:19 kaelshisho13 Sabito Is Just Better Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles Gamplay

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2021.10.15 22:19 FlyingDutchMannen Dolphin emulator - best games or alternate emulators with equally good games?

My rig can't handle PSX2.
PSX1 was okay, and dolphin is good.
Via that setup, any other emulators I could run?
Or game suggestions for dolphin?
Played Resident Evil remake, awesome.
But beyond that I not into "Zelda" or "Mario", anything else via that system to consider?
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2021.10.15 22:19 avakinqueenelsa Denim boots omg so beautiful please avakin add these beautiful denim boots

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2021.10.15 22:19 Str8Lurkn_ Yeah / No?

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2021.10.15 22:19 Great-Length9491 1 Hunnid - 3 Buildings

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2021.10.15 22:19 polyjuice_ Lost Jewelry

Hi all, hope this post is allowed.
Earlier this week (Monday, likely) I lost a silver necklace and two silver rings somewhere between Richmond-Brighouse and W Broadway.
I've already contacted TranksLink lost and found and the RCMP lost and founds so I know it's a long shot, but wondering if anyone has found them.
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