is it normal for a child to feel genuinely scared of a parent

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2021.10.15 22:07 -kaaarl is it normal for a child to feel genuinely scared of a parent

note. unedited, please excuse any grammar or spelling mistakes. thank you.
my father and younger brother got into an altercation a few days ago. my father was shouting and then my brother shouted, then my father shouted some more. then everything went quiet. and let me tell you, i have never felt so scared until right that moment. because i had no clue what happened.
i was praying that he would pass my room and i was so relieved when he did.
had to wait a few minutes or so before i felt it was alright to leave my room. i ran down the hall and ducked into my brother's home, closing and locking the door behind me. my brother was in the midst of a full-blown panic attack and so, obviously, i did my absolute best to comfort him. he was incredibly shaken up and had a very difficult time catching his breath. i couldn't help but worry about my father being able to hear him cry. for context, he's kind of traditional in the sense that, men don't cry, and such. these days, i'm scared to leave the two of them alone because i don't know what'll happen.
now, i have never fought with my father. i just do my best to stay out of his way. and as far as i know, our father has never put his hands on my brother. he's never hit, or shoved, or done anything to physically harm but he shouts, and he gets in my brother's face and has no problem cursing him out.
i am currently attending college and studying for exams and whatnot but it's exceedingly difficult to maintain proper grades while i'm worrying about whether or not my father has had a bad day and is looking to take out his anger on my brother, even if just through shouting at him.
i feel so stressed. exhausted. i don't have friends i can turn to for help during this time.
growing up i didn't have friends. and now, i still don't really have actual friends.
and so, i'm wondering, as i never had the opportunity to observe how other families live together or treat each other, is this normal? is it normal for a child to feel genuinely scared of a parent? is it normal for a father to get in his son's face and curse him out, or tell him that he'll never amount to anything?
this was kind of a long post. if you've read this far, thank you. advice would be greatly appriciated.
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2021.10.15 22:07 wildandnaked420 Playing in Lots of Leagues, Player Strategy

For those of us who play in, say, more than eight leagues:
Was wondering how much you guys go "all in" on certain players. I.e, if you like Michael Porter Jr., or whoever it is, do you feel comfortable owning him in more than half of your leagues?
For top players like Karl Towns or Steph or whoever, I definitely don't like holding them in more than a third of my teams, just because of freak injuries etc.
As I fill out my rosters, definitely feel like it becomes a game of wanting "shares" in certain guys, but not wanting to overdo it. But I thought, hey maybe some people just go all in on their guys and take them in 2/3 of their leagues, hence the thread.
For the record I play auction, so have the ability to get whoever, this thread is somewhat less applicable to snake.
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Title says it all, would be great to see some zombie mode return around halloween.
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2021.10.15 22:07 knurzysko B6 overdose symptoms

My doctor put me on 400 mg of B6 daily. I took it for over a month and developed weird electric, buzzing, pulsating sensations in forearms and hands that flare up after moving my arms and using my forearm muscles. I am not sure if B6 is to blame and I'm quite worried about my health.
I wanted to ask those who had some negative affects from taking too much B6, what were your symptoms like? Please be as specific as you can.
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2021.10.15 22:07 Careful_Rub1672 Hey yall I've been trying to farm for a specific item in borderlands 2 but it's been a real bitch to get so by chance does anyone have a level 80 non op level bekah theye willing to drop (ps4) (ps5)

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2021.10.15 22:07 tiiiiired Interpreting OLS regression? Positive coefficients on age and age^2 [Q]

I ran an OLS regression of happiness on age, age squared and some other independent variables. The coefficients for age was negative and for age squared was positive, which implies a U-shaped pattern between age and happiness.
In another regression, I the coefficients for age and age squared were both positive. I’m not sure what this relationship looks like. Could anyone offer any advice please?
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2021.10.15 22:07 RoflWaffles02 Sd cards?

Does anyone have any small sd cards (16 gb or less) they are willing to part with?
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2021.10.15 22:07 sky127865466754323 anyone in human resource management, can you tell me a little bit about the job? what type of person succeed in this type of role?

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2021.10.15 22:07 saidynei 你好,請來過我的生日,我住在墨西哥,地址是 01123345,我住在吸毒者所在的黃色房子裡

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