[F4A] Metal Gear Solid V RP

2021.10.15 22:24 Smutty-Girl [F4A] Metal Gear Solid V RP

Heya there! I’m Em and i’m searching for someone interested in roleplaying MGSV (V as in 5) with me! The story can take place over any part of MGSV, Ground Zeroes, the Hospital, Afghan, Africa, Mother Base, heck even across all of them. We can discuss details in PM’s. No matter where the RP takes place i’m not looking to play as Venom, i’m looking to play as one of the enemy, a MSF Soldier, a DD Soldier, anyone but Venom, and i’m not gonna be playing a dude, i’ll be playing a female.
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2021.10.15 22:24 crytoloover FEG - This is massive!!!

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2021.10.15 22:24 Narwhal_Songs As a homeless girl I am scared

So I 29F is homeless again since a few days. Was homeless in the beginning of the year as a result of a traumatic break up, found somewhere to stay for a while but because I am a destructive mess (bulimia, adhd, depression) things didn't work and I was thrown out. Been staying at a women's shelter for a while but lost my spot due to bureaucracy 😔
I don't really have any friends who I can stay, I have asked them, and I don't speak to my parents so... I followed a man who I met yesterday home. Met him at a helping spot for homeless and poor people, he was from the start very intense, as in he sat very close and stared. Also touching. I have a hard time differentiating between strangers innocently touch me and flirty touch/touch with the intention of getting romantic encounters or sex. Because I am a very open and touchy person (or at least I was and would like to be if it was safer ). Had a man take advantage of me being very sad just this week, since that experience men being close to me feel like a threat.
I was in the library and he came to me and offered me to stay with him and his dad and his brothers.
So I am in a house with 4 strange men now. I haven't encountered any signs that he might be violent but still, I don't know this man, I know he is from Tunisia, has adhd and that he smokes weed but that's about it. He was a bit high on something and gone so it was not much small talk, because he would drift off or burst out in laughter.
His dad was very nice and gave us fruits (fresh dates 🙏💕👌) and had made food for us. His brothers snicker as if i was his girlfriend.
And his dad had only made one extra bed, so there was a expectation that we would be sleeping in the same bed, I am not getting into a bed with a stranger, even though he assured me that I didn't have to be scared, yes the creepy dudes and the guy who - - - so no I can't as a woman trust a man like that, especially when I just met him and just recently was - - -
I asked him for a blanket to sleep on the sofa and he said yes, and we laid in separate beds checking our phones, he comes up asking if I want to watch a movie with him, i say no, he asks for my name (taken, strange) and we talk about it, he starts touching my hair and hands and arms, and I initially do not pull back because I like the touch but I don't want to misleading signals and I pull back.
Don't know what to do and if I can sleep tonight. 😔
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2021.10.15 22:24 DirtyJohannes Biggest hardship from 100+ days. Emotional agitation. Be warned and vigilant.

A lot of people have been sending me messages asking about my progress etc.

90 days was comparatively easy to me to be honest.
Music is something more to our brains than just dopamine, I have come to notice through this. It is a form of "emotional" release as well. For lack of a better word.
I will preface this by saying a couple things.
Heroin junkies dont actually relapse usually because "Its just so good". Most of them relapse because they are using heroin as a crutch to deal with their "emotions" and emotional stress.
And have you noticed that children arent almost ever addicted to music? It the teens and young adults that listen to music on full blast and hours a day. The same demographics with the most emotional turmoil. This was me as well. As a child I could listen to a song, love it, and move on the entire next week and not think about it. But as my teens came, I could barely stand a day without my phone and my favorite songs.

Alright, so keeping that in mind, here we go.

Around the 100+ days mark. Just out of nowhere I started feeling more agitated, restless. Like I just could not relax or shut off mentally. My mind was searching for something to occupy itself constantly. I was exchausted, not productive, and it was not fun. This went on, week by week and kept getting worse. Like I was trying to get out of my head. Hasnt happened a single time before nomusic I might add.
But why is this? Here is what I think happened.
Retrospectively, I am pretty sure what it was now. Without music, I had no tools to express and unwind my subconscious. You know when you put on a song and you can get into a "mood" or "emotion" of sort, that you wouldnt otherwise? Well without music, I was not able to get into different moods, process them and move on. I never learned how or needed to. I grew up with spotify and youtube.
Sure, things and aesthetics of the natural world hit harder on a emotional level on nomusic, but not enough, I guess. Looking at a tree or a bird or what have you, does not allow you to feel and deal with more complex and different emotions. Like anger, sorrow, melancholy etc.
Whenever I was depressed, I would listen to apocalypse ambients. But with nomusic, I was just sitting there, in a dark room, not knowing what to do. What did I do? I did something us men are gifted at. Bottling the emotion down and continuing on.
So back to the 100+ days mark. This bottling up started to show. My brain didnt want to feel or process anything on a emotional level, or didnt know how, without the crutches of music. So what did it do? It kept trying to refocus on stuff. As a side effect, I could not relax. How can you relax when your brain is neurotically trying to find something to think about other than your mood?
Just like a heroin junkie in recovery, I was flooded with emotions I didnt have tools to handle. Most people would deal with them, feel them, cry or get angry or whatever etc. But I bottled it all up and marched forward. And that is what, im 98% sure, caused the horrible feeling I started to get around 4 months of nomusic. My brain trying to deal with things, and me running away, trying to act like a robot and thinking there is no need to explore my emotional level. It sound silly, but it is 100% real and painful at that.
So, this post should act as a heads up. If you were/are addicted to music, be vigilant if you start feeling how I did or different in a negative way. You might not understand what Im talking about now but you might come to understand, and if you do, then you know what is going on.
It might just be because you need to find a way to deal with what is going inside you and express it somehow. You are no longer a child. You might not be able to have a emotional meltdown and cry or get angry naturally. Like me. You need a way to deal with whats inside you. Perhaps poetry, boxing, novels, painting, art, movies etc. Even crying tutorials on youtube (lol, I tried these with some success recently after retrospection on this try).
100+ days was easy, this was the hard part. And no, I failed around 120+ days. On a instinctive level, I knew music was going to fix the hyper and agitated mental state I was in. It did fix it. But I wish I would have tried different routes of emotional processing and release.

To release emotional energy, you need to process it. And you might not know how to, without music. And if you bottle the emotions and bad moods up, you can hurt yourself mentally. Nomusic might not work out, unless you figure out how to express your subconciousness.
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2021.10.15 22:24 crytoloover Polygon MATIC Price Prediction 2.40 Technical Analysis

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2021.10.15 22:24 crytoloover Elon Musk Important Dogecoin Message ⚠️ HUGE NEW OPPORTUNITY ⚠️

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2021.10.15 22:24 cotton-woodler I’m fast as heck boi, hope y’all like this

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2021.10.15 22:24 SnooGadgets1916 My demon OCs, Cyrus(green hair) and Alistair(white hair) with their masks!

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2021.10.15 22:24 cowboykev11 The fluffiest kitty in the world

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2021.10.15 22:24 Kurtuerty Need help for test

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2021.10.15 22:24 AlisonLorelei Voice training

Does anyone else work through voice training with a determination to “fix” how you sound but end up just feeling uncomfortably dysphoric?
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2021.10.15 22:24 AmyfCD Took another photo in the dress from yesterday, I like this one better

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2021.10.15 22:24 North-Opportunity-80 TSM in Ontario?

Has anyone been able get a prescription ? I tried googling it, but it wasn’t much help. I just moved to the Kitchener Waterloo area and I don’t have a family doctor. I feel this is really my last hope too not drink myself to death.
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2021.10.15 22:24 SatyamRajput004 [media] finally a worthy opponent

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2021.10.15 22:24 Headfilter The perfect travel companion

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2021.10.15 22:24 EnvironmentVirtual32 Quit instead of transfer

I know this question has been asked; however, not in regards to peak time specifically. I have one written warning for quality that falls by the end of this month. However other than that I have been in at least the top 25% for productivity for every other week. Could I quit then rejoin after the thing falls off, because I want to work to a fulfillment closer than me, but I really don’t want to stop working at Amazon.
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2021.10.15 22:24 Abdelrahman_eltahhan I haven't played hollow knight in a couple months cuz my PC broke. was it always this creepy?

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2021.10.15 22:24 AnEnemyStand [PAID] One line of dialogue in Japanese

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2021.10.15 22:24 Turbulent-Dog4477 [selling] 19k and 14k page

I have a 19.3k and a 14.8k page for sale if you’re interested just dm me on here or @chitownsaile on insta I usually respond quick :)
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2021.10.15 22:24 silkmatter 22 [M4F] Oregon/Anywhere in the USA- Looking for a serious genuine relationship

Hey! I’m ian, I live in Oregon and I’m looking for my person as corny as that sounds, I know Reddit may not be the best place for this but I don’t think everyone’s person is always where they live. I’ve posted here many times before without any luck but I’m hoping I can still find someone.
I don’t have or want kids and I’m looking for a relationship with someone who also doesn’t have or want kids
About me:
•6’0 tall
•I love music and sports, I also love video games, anything creative, netflix, YouTube, anime, hanging out with friends, going on random adventures, traveling and lots of other things
•mostly introverted but I can be outgoing when I’m comfortable, I don’t like going to parties most of the time but I do love concerts and other things, I have social anxiety but once I’m comfortable I do better
•currently unemployed because an injury I’m trying to deal with, don’t worry I’m not lazy and unemployed by choice, in fact I love being active when I’m healthy
•I’d describe myself as kind, caring, funny, shy, affectionate, loyal, accepting, laid back
•I don’t take myself too serious, I love to joke and can take a joke
https://imgur.com/a/fsjzO78 This is what I look like, long hair is most recent but I’m gonna cut it soon probably
What I’m looking for:
•someone from anywhere in the USA who can handle a long distance relationship until we are eventually able to meet up and my end goal would be to of course be in real life together in the future
•someone who is loyal and has trust and can be in a committed relationship and not cheat on me
•someone who loves music and has similar interests to me, don’t worry you don’t have to like sports lol
•someone who doesn’t take themself too seriously
•someone accepting and nice and loving and affectionate and caring
•someone who can joke around with me but also be lovey
I really want to find that amazing connection with someone where we are best friends but also a couple and be able to talk about absolutely everything together and have an unbreakable bond
If I sound like your type or what you’re looking for, let’s chat and see if we click! Also please have pictures of yourself too because I do believe a physical attraction is really important in a relationship too
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2021.10.15 22:24 FATHEAD661 It be like that sometimes, for 5 straight Seasons.

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2021.10.15 22:24 RBman2020 Planning electronics for an explorer build. I’d like to run active electronics. The issue is that I want to keep the 3 pot setup with 3 way toggle switch that explorers or known for. Is there a way can I wire it to where I have 1 master volume and 2 tone knobs?

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2021.10.15 22:24 remeruscomunus EotE was wild(s)

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