Just need a little advice. I‘m late

2021.10.15 22:01 throwmeawayGODDAMM Just need a little advice. I‘m late

Sooo, following situation. I‘ve missed one pill like 3 weeks ago. Last time I had sex must have been atleast 5 or even 6-7 weeks ago. I followed the exact steps that are described in the pamphlet of my pill. Thats worked before. I‘m often late with my period but I‘m still worried. I will go to my gyn if it doesnt sweep by mid week. But if anyone can atleast tell me anything, that would be great.
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2021.10.15 22:01 Confusedallthetime1 was scrolling through tiktok and ended up on a post about typing quirks

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2021.10.15 22:01 landoh18 clock is ticking

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2021.10.15 22:01 johnrock001 Anime Girl - Cute Anime Girl Characters - Kawaii Anime Girl

Anime Girl - Cute Anime Girl Characters - Kawaii Anime Girl - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/anime-girl/
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2021.10.15 22:01 OtherwiseJello How I rebuilt my credit using a rebate app, food stamps, and a pre-paid credit card

I've had bad or zero credit for quite a while and it has actually kept us from moving, kept me from getting decent jobs, etc. So, I finally decided to try and do something about it instead of just resigning myself to the fact that I'd never be able to have a credit card.
This is how I did it.
First, I researched all the pre-paid credit cards out there and found one that had the best reviews and most recommendations (Discover). This card requires a minimum of $200 deposit, so I began to plan.
Now, since I'm pretty poor and disabled, I get food stamps. Throughout the pandemic I received the pandemic bonus, which ends in December.
So, I downloaded the Ibotta app, which is the most generous rebate app I know of. My goal was to earn $200 in rebates to cover my Discover deposit because otherwise I wouldn't have been able to afford it.
And I went at it like a pit bull. I figured out the ins and outs of the Ibotta app, scheduled times I could shop, put food items in my Ibotta list, and built up my rebates in about 2 months.
After reaching my goal, the rebates were deposited directly into my bank account (no fees) and I then paid for my Discover card pre-paid deposit using those rebates.
Once I got the card, I used it sparingly. After 4-5 months, I started to get FICO reports (I had no credit score prior to this), and I paid more than the minimum every month. Some months I paid off the card entirely. Discover has a page on your personal dashboard where you can review your TransUnion credit score, which is great for checking your credit in real time.
Usually, Discover reviews your account after eight months and then either returns your deposit and ups your limit or they don't, depending on how reliably you pay.
Just yesterday, after only seven months, I received an email that I'd be getting my deposit back, my FICO score is 656, and my credit limit was increased to $1,000.
So, needless to say, I'm very happy about this and wanted to tell others how I did it.
This works best if you're on SNAP/food stamps in the US because some of the rebate items are a bit more expensive and I wouldn't be able to afford them if I weren't using my benefits.
So now that I have decent credit, doors will open for me. I'll be able to move more easily, apply for more credit if needed (not really, but it's nice to know I can), or just have that extra credit line available in case of emergencies.
I've had people tell me that Ibotta is hard to use but it's not really. It just takes some getting used to and after using it for nine months, it's second nature to me. Obviously, I'm not getting $100 a month every month. Sometimes I get only $20 a month in rebates, or even less. it just depends on my needs and if I have extra money left at the end of the month on my EBT card.
I do have a referral code which will get you $10 once you use the app and I'll get $10 for the referral. You have to link your bank or PayPal account, as well. And no, this isn't against the rules for SNAP as far as I can tell.
Hope this helps anyone struggling with rebuilding their credit.
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2021.10.15 22:01 Saiyanobe_23 Android 18 vs Milim Nava

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2021.10.15 22:01 Wearedoge77 SHIb burn

Just out of curiosity how well did the nft selll yesterday contribute to the SHIb burn
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2021.10.15 22:01 ArmyAg08 test

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2021.10.15 22:01 Infinite_Ad1161 nice

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2021.10.15 22:01 BloomingEssays [hire me] ACADEMIC WRITER

I have over a decade’s worth of experience as an academic writer with excellent knowledge in formatting and referencing styles (MLA, APA, HAVARD, and CHICAGO). Additionally, I provide plagiarism free and timely work and I am available round the clock. I am proficient in English (Composition and Literature), History, Business, Criminology, Political Science, Nursing, Law, and Psychology among many other disciplines. I work on research and term papers, proposals, course work, dissertations, online classes, application essays, creative writing, and other assignments. Also, I provide rewriting, editing, and proofreading services. I look forward to hearing from you. My email address is bloomingessays@gmail.com.
Kind Regards
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2021.10.15 22:01 atwodollarbil [Xbox] [Price Check] Tw striker deep six

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2021.10.15 22:01 Dangthing Invasions need improvements of multiplayer is DOA

I finally put in the time to get 25 or so Julianna invasions under my belt. I reserved making some judgements until I had spent time on Julianna despite having killed somewhere in the order of 300 Julianna's as Colt. The purpose of this post is to discuss what I believe must change about invasions because as it stands I consider this mode to be unbearably poorly designed.
I recorded some basic information about my matches that I will display here as a table.

Match # Match Making Time Win/Loss Loss Condition
1 1 W
2 2 L Slain
3 5 W
4 1 W
5 2 L Suicide Roof
6 2 W
7 7.5 DC
8 7.5 L Slain
9 5 L Extreme Lag
10 7.5 DC
11 0.5 DC
12 3 W
13 3 W
14 2 W
15 3 W
16 7 L Suicide Tripmine
17 6.5 DC
18 2.5 L Colt Escaped
19 1 L Colt Escaped
20 1 W
21 5 W
22 1 W
23 1 W
24 1 DC
25 5 L Colt Escaped
26 5 DC
Here are some basic statistics from my matches.
Games played 26
Games Won 12
Longest Win Streak 4
Games Lost 8
Games Lost via Escapes 3
Games Lost via Suicide 2
Games Lost via Colts fighting/strategy 2
Games Lost via LAG 1
Games where host Disconnected 6

Now lets discuss what happened and what I think needs changing.
A note is that of the 2 games where I was actually defeated by Colt BOTH were from Colt using a melee assassinate on me. The first was from a Colt who hid in spawn on a corner with Ghost Aether for 15 MINUTES before I decided to investigate to see if he was just AFK and he grabbed me as I walked by. The 2nd happened as I attempted to assassinate him he used a backwards dash movement to escape Eternalist Gunfire and then instantly counter assassinated me. Bad luck essentially.
In the escape games Colt NEVER encountered me in all 3. The 3rd of which he left before I even spawned ending a 4 winstreak. In 1 of them he died 2 times to Eternalists with limited intervention on my part and then choose to leave, the other left randomly after a short span of not finding me.
In my suicide games one was a mistake on my part the other was possibly lag I'm uncertain. In one case I shifted and somehow rolled off the building off the map on Updaam Night. In the other Colt stealth walked under my ceiling mounted tripmines and I backstabbed him but apparently the animation triggered the mines killing ME.
Essentially if you boil these numbers down I had 15 solid games and 11 unacceptable games via DC, lag, or escape. My average match time EVEN ON DC MATCHES was over 10 minutes. This is a TERRIBLE experience.
So here are my recommendations. I use the following criteria. The changes should be something that is feasible and cheap to implement. Those changes should attempt to be fair to both Colt and Julianna players.
  1. Julianna receives an in game clock. Non Controversial I've been using my phone to record match times. An in match clock would allow Julianna a way to plan her survival times around challenges without resorting to outside tools.
  2. Julianna and Colt have optional damage numbers. Non Controversial I have no way to tell how much damage I deal with any particular gun. I have to use my feelies to judge for myself but I really prefer hard numbers and I know LOTS of others do to.
  3. Julianna receives an in-game radio to listen to. Non Controversial There is WAY too much dead time in this game. Its BORING being Julianna most of the time. Having some in game tunes to listen too would help. For balance reasons Colt should NOT be able to hear these. I literally waited 25 minutes in one of my matches while a Colt was AFK in his spawn.
  4. Radar Dish locks both the exit tunnel doors AND the actual exit. Possibly Controversial This would resolve the issue of Colt Reprising back into this spawn and then just leaving. This would also prevent Colt from seeing a Julianna invade and leaving before he even exits the tunnels.
  5. Colt escaping Via his tunnels should NOT count as a loss nor a win for Julianna. Controversial Colt has no penalization for leaving via tunnels what so ever. If a Colt goes 0-2 against Julianna he can just run and she gets hit as if she'd died. I don't think she should be penalized for Colt escaping. Colt's reward is getting to keep his items/etc. Almost HALF of my losses are Colts just running before even seeing me. This is imbalanced.
  6. If a Colt loses connection to a Julianna for any reason their game should default to offline mode until they manually change it. They should NOT be informed of this. Possibly Controversial The game defaults to online mode when initially played, many players won't see or won't care to change it but then DC Julianna's whenever they invade. This acts as a stopgap protection without harshly penalizing DC's. It will act as a weed wacker for Colts that want to play in offline but don't manually change it. This should improve Match Quality for both parties.
  7. Radar Dish location should be very close to the Visionary on the map. Controversial Julianna is simply stretched too thin. If you defend the Radar Dish you leave all the actual defense objectives unprotected, if you ignore the Radar Dish it might as well not exist as Colt can easily hack it and it has no defenses of its own. Worst of all is that with Hacking Range Trinkets Colt can hack it from extremely far away making it impossible to defend anyways. Placing the Radar Dish close to the Visionaries would allow Julianna the opportunity to defend both or to defend the Visionary while remaining close enough to react to Colt hacking the Dish. As it is now its just a death trap for Julianna for ANY remotely skilled Colt.
  8. Julianna should be completely invincible for 5 seconds after her initial spawn AND the location should be near the primary Visionary of the map AND random. Controversial I can reach the Visionaries on most maps just slightly after her spawning in. I can also reach her spawn and kill her instantly. These tactics need to be eliminated or reduced. Julianna has no chance of countering me if the Visionaries are dead before she even spawns in. This change should improve gameplay for Julianna in fringe cases, eliminate abuse, but have very little impact on most Colts, especially if they are playing in good faith.
  9. Turrets and Trip Mines placed or moved by Julianna cannot be hacked for any reason. Controversial Why bother having a mechanic to move around mines and turrets for Julianna if Colt can hold 1 button an instantly undo your work while invisible, often from super far away. Its absurd. The point of placing traps is to make Colt have to deal with your planning not give him more firepower against you and the Eternalists. You have to be EXTREMELY clever with mine placements to get any chance of a hit and turrets are basically unusable. If I take the time to move a turret I should get rewarded for that time if Colt encounters it. Colt can still kill it or remove the battery so its still fair.
  10. New Julianna Win Condition Time Limit. A timer should start as soon as Julianna spawns, and failure to kill all Visionaries within this limit or Julianna will result in Julianna winning and all Visionaries escaping online mode only. Time should be at least 15 minutes but no more than 30. Highly Controversial Right now playing as Julianna is EXTREMELY BORING. If you force confrontation as soon as the match starts the battle will be over win or lose within 1-2 minutes and this allows for zero strategy. While its not boring it throws away the most exciting aspects of the mode. Ghost Aether Colts are extremely unfun to play against. Losing because someone hid in a corner for 20 minutes is TERRIBLE game design. The camper should be punished not the player who is actively playing. Even if you can find the Aether Colt its time consuming and boring and you have to do it 3 times in a row potentially. We need a way to force Colt to actually play the damn game, not put their controller down and use their phone until Julianna gets bored/makes a mistake.
All of my strategies and possible win conditions go out the window if Colt hides with 3 lives at spawn waiting for me to come fight on his terms. It defeats the purpose of being Julianna. Colt is already blatantly OP he doesn't need this type of extra help. This change should motivate Colts to get the show on the road and actually come deal with the things that are supposed to be happening. I can clear Updaam Night in sub 5 minutes as Colt killing all 4 Visionaries and Julianna in the process. There is no excuse for camping for 25 minutes. 11. Julianna Gear Progression needs to be improved. She should only receive purple items and should get core items like Slabs and Slab Upgrades very rapidly. Colt can be fully kitted in legitimately 2-3 loops. Julianna may not have essential parts of her kit after dozens of matches. I've defeated 12 Colts and played 26 total matches putting me close to level 30 now. I STILL do not have any upgrades for Aether Slab. I do not have several core character trinkets. I do not have any upgrades for Karnesis or Havok. I only have 1 power Drain weapon upgrade. A Colt that plays for a few hours will be better geared out than a Julianna who plays for days on end if they go for anything even remotely good. Basically all Trinkets are fixed location for Colt meaning he can in theory be max build in like 3 loops. Julianna is already at huge disadvantages having terrible gear progression for her isn't necessary.
Changes beyond this are likely necessary to make the mode fun/balanced for all parties. What do you think? Are these changes too harsh or not enough? I designed them in ways that should be easy for the developers to implement. No matter where you stand its basically common knowledge that Julianna needs fixes.
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2021.10.15 22:01 Deiadrawsuselessstuf Cody needs to react to this shit song

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2021.10.15 22:01 johnrock001 Anime Girl Names - Top Anime Girl Names With Meaning List

Anime Girl Names - Top Anime Girl Names With Meaning List - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/anime-girl-names/
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2021.10.15 22:01 Few_Revolution_547 769287619884 add me as a friend

I’m active a lot
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2021.10.15 22:01 ReyvCna How is this acceptable? I can’t find any settings to change it

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2021.10.15 22:01 Spirited_Ad3775 Nice meme

Nice meme
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2021.10.15 22:01 moadic PS5 lookin for 1 for 3s. solid win % and iq needed

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2021.10.15 22:01 ThePerito Just moved to Beirut and the view is just...

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2021.10.15 22:01 seffignoz $SOVO real possibility of going to the moon!

alright fellow apes, this is once in a lifetime short squeeze opportunity for you, your friends and your wife's boyfriend
Data from short interest is out, SOVO caught my attention: https://www.nasdaq.com/market-activity/stocks/sovo/short-interest
Float 171.18k Shares Short (Sep 30, 2021) 4 659.26k
Not sure why yahoo states Short % of Float : 2.66% Based on my ape brain and years of excel and formula knowledge, Short % of float is: 470.9%
This company went public recently, all the shares is locked-up as per post-iPO policy, hence why a very small float.
Also, the stock is trading for around 13$, so it's very easy to lock up a lot of shares and squeeze it up to the moon
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2021.10.15 22:01 Percopsidae Suggestions re: metal that is pretty/overlaps with classical

I'm looking for some metal (or metal-ish stuff) that is pretty. Often to my ears this is the stuff that seems to overlap a good deal with classical musical in terms of having a lot of baroque-like arpeggios, structure, sometimes instrumentation, etc. I used to play in a Klezmemetal band (still the most unique project I've been involved with), and developed a taste for the sound at the time, but haven't really known where else to look. I'm a fiddle player and mostly listen to old-time/bluegrass, folk, etc.
Someone suggested Mestis, whose work I found to be neat but a bit on the jazzy side for my taste in terms of both tone and scales. Some youtube algorithm dumped me into a Plini album and I'm enjoying that more.
Help? Thanks y'all!
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2021.10.15 22:01 johnrock001 Most OP Anime Characters - Strongest Anime Characters

Most OP Anime Characters - Strongest Anime Characters - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/most-op-anime-characters/
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2021.10.15 22:01 DiehlWithIt- This summer I left my spider plants outside to let the pups root themselves and boy did they do a good job! Swipe to see the cute pots they got planted in!

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2021.10.15 22:01 albundy72 South Pole Heritage Site- Drogradur NO426

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2021.10.15 22:01 Immediate-Form-2262 Primus VS Mekhane (Transformers VS SCP Foundation)

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