Why is price tanking so badly?

Why Is Nicotine So Addictive? The NIDA Blog Team. February 4, 2019 Image ©Shutterstock/Jurgis Mankauskas. Tobacco use is the top preventable cause of disease and death in the United States. Cigarettes cause more than 480,000 premature deaths in the United States each year. Why would something so seemingly insignificant make us feel angry at our friend, moody, and bad about ourselves? The greatest damage rejection causes is usually self-inflicted. Just when our self-esteem is hurting most, we go and damage it even further. In this article, we look at the reasons why graphics cards are so expensive right now. Some of which you'll probably already be aware of, but others which may be news to you. The Global Chip Shortage. We are currently in the midst of a global chip shortage that could continue into the unforeseeable future. Semi-conductor chips are used in ... Why are mRNA vaccines so exciting? December 10, 2020. The very first vaccines for COVID-19 to complete phase 3 testing are an entirely new type: mRNA vaccines. Never before have mRNA vaccines — such as the two-dose Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines that have now received emergency use authorization from the FDA — been approved for use in ... When you talk to people who are non-Christians today, they are usually very complimentary of Jesus. They’ll say: “I don’t believe that He was the Messiah, and I Don’t ‘copy and paste.’ – Every organization is unique, so every diversity initiative needs to be too. Simply borrowing one from somewhere else is unlikely to work. Finally about the Desktop - Icon Size! Even if the desktop icons are too big or too small, for whatever reason, you can change that pretty easily, as you can see above in Windows 10 shot screenshot, you can use this example as a general solution to make the desktop icons great or smaller is so Easily to apply this resowed problem tip on earlier and older versions of Microsoft's Windows ... So, WHY do bad things happen? Why isn't this world a better place? There is an answer to the WHY question, found in the Bible. But it's not an answer that most people like to hear: the world is the way it is because it's the world that we, in a sense, have asked for. Sound strange? What or who could make this world different than the way it is? So why do turtles live so long? There's an evolutionary answer and a biological answer, said Lori Neuman-Lee, an assistant professor of physiology at Arkansas State University who studies turtles ... To understand why this is so, it helps to introduce the concept of the equilibrium real interest rate (sometimes called the Wicksellian interest rate, after the late-nineteenth- and early ...

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Hey fellow redditeers, I just didn't know how to help myself otherwise
My old cpu died so I bought a new motherboard, cpu and RAM
Plugged it all together and it booted it At first it showed me that i have to setup my bios When I had everything done i exited WITHOUT saving accidentally
Now when i start the PC i only get a black screen, no booting or anything else
Googled a lot, put my motherboard out of the case so it isn't accidentally grounded, removed and reseated the battery, removed the ram sticks and graphics card
But all i get is running fans and a white led being on
I'm really lost so do you guys have any idea? :(
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Hey everyone. I'm Clausse. I love gaming, books, hanging out with friends. I'm doing the first year of my bachelor degree in Arts. I'm feeling lonely at the moment and broken because of some incidents that happened to me. I really need someone to vent or to discuss anything. Please message me if anyone is free to give their time. Thank you
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I need some advice, I am currently studying a Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase, and my university is giving me the opportunity to do and Early Childhood Development course in Norway next year (Feb to May). I don't know what to do. It's expensive but obviously an opportunity of a life time. Any advice about this? I live in South Africa by the way.
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2021.10.15 21:36 SybrBlue 1999 Jeep cherokee timing

In an effort to help me clean my parts before putting them back my kids cleaned off the chalk line I made on my distributor.
I am doing an in-frame rebuild, put the camshaft, distributor and the oil pump back in. Just got the oil pan back in place and am going to get the timing chain back on when I started thinking about timing. I zip-tied my chain and sprockets so those are set and because of the dots on the sprockets and the guides on the shafts I don't think I can do the cam/crank timing wrong. But what about the distributor? If I am TDC (the sprocket markings line up) where should the distributor be pointing? I have never had to adjust anything with a distributor so any tips are greatly appreciated.
Thanks for the help and advice!
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Grease Font - Help please! Hello! I'm wondering what font is used in these photos:

I know that there's a font called Grease, but that font isn't what's in these photos. I've scoured all I can find as to what that font could be, so I would really appreciate help identifying it!
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2021.10.15 21:36 Not_Omegon All The Flowers Are Over The Stars - Part 13

First - Previous -
I am very much picking up the pace in writing, the lull of one per week coming to a close.

It's all coming together. Just as planned! Or not. Which then aligns with another plan, so still just as planned! On with the tertius decimus chapter under the distant Sol.
Ildra awoke to silence as the sun rose, total and complete silence. No usual morning activity to be heard outside, no sound of John shutting the door on his way to hurry off to duty like he has in the past couple of days, nothing. She peered into her main room, finding it empty, devoid of John or his usual clothes that he only wears after his shift.
Curious, she went out into the streets, finding the sky perfectly clear, but still dim as if it was covered in clouds. The streets were empty, with empty homes and silent fields beyond the walls. Everyone appeared to have just vanished. She began panicking, how could something so improbable, impossible even, happen overnight like this. She began running through the town to find someone, anyone.
She was met with nothing, but as she turned more corners, she eventually found something that was living. A hirodin, lean and tall, covered in fur as black as moonless midnight. It appeared to swallow up the light around it as it moved towards her in a slow and steady pace. Not in a hurry, not fearing her or anything else.
She turned and ran, bolting around the corner and charging back home in a panic fueled stampede. As she turned to shut the door behind her, she saw the same hirodin, moving at that same slow pace. She didn't hear it chase after her, it wasn't panting for air like she was, it was just there, moving as quietly as the shadows themselves. She slammed the door shut and began to frantically look for her bow, not finding a trace of it. No string, no arrows, nothing. As she went from her bedroom back to her main room, she could see the faint outline of the hirodin on her door. Surely that is not possible, it's a solid wood door, no light passes through that, but she could tell that it was standing just outside her door anyways, waiting. She didn't even bother questioning it further, the things John said were possible made the odd anomaly seem tame in comparison to folding and tearing reality.
When she hastily made her way across the room to go into her storeroom, she was met with someone else. John was standing like a sentinel, arms folded behind him, clad in his usual armor but with green laurels sitting atop his alien helmet, blue eyes piercing into her own, shrouded in calm. He was not human though, he was unmistakably John Elgar, but he was Tanren, covered in a light brown fur, almost blonde. Tall and not quite thin, he turned from looking at her, into her, and looked towards the door, showing that the sides of his muzzle were a darker color, much like the fur that was growing on his human face, then walked out with striding steps. He brought his arms out, revealing two blocks of metal, one in each hand before the hirodin walked right through the solid door as if it was nothing.
Like he said to the defenders during the training exercise, he said the same to the hirodin, "be silent now." He brought one bar up and sent it straight into the animal's head, making a loud cracking sound, but the beast still stood. He sent the next bar towards the creature, with the same effect and result. Before John could do anything else...
the Saernan delegation arrived at the great hall of Sehlahtar, the center of the biggest town in all of Kost. The main hall of the building was the most common place for political matters in the heavily forested region, and the place reflected it's function. The large room was lined with rows of tables, with a podium and elevated stage on the far end of the room. From the rafters hung a series of steel chandeliers, illuminating the space as the windows on the front and sides didn't do all that much towards the center of the space.
Kamos, lord of the town and one of the most well respected people in the region, veteran of several battles against the current marauding tribe of nomads that were ravaging the cities of Banad in the south. He welcomed them in and the three from Saerna took a seat near the front of the room by the podium.
As more people crowded into the building throughout the morning, a lot of which arrived today, and lunch was served courtesy of Kamos as he was the one that called for the assembly, he stepped up the the podium. "Two days... I gave my word that in two days, I will send my answer to the blood-drinking whore, the tyrant Amun and her gaggle of puffed up pricks jumping at her whim." After a pregnant silence, he continued, the crowd confused at what he would answer to. "In the past cycle, she had sent a demand that just so happened to have landed on my desk. In short, 'submit and become a full territory of principality of Ofturharken with full benefits, or we will force compliance. The Lady has decreed that North Kost is to be within her domain, it will happen.' If they can't do things like negotiate, or simply ask politely, what will she do with you huh? She said North Kost, not Sehlahtar, not Jerantar over on the border, a vague generality, about half of us here." Kamos paused to take a long breathe, not being keen on speeches himself, he had someone else ready for that. "Lord Hal and a few others have been thinking of how to approach the situation, and have came with a brilliant plan, of which will already happen amongst themselves, but to truly work, I have called all of you here today."
Hannon was still clueless as to what he was alluding to, and he didn't come here to listen to a lot of nothing. Someone he assumed to be Hal stepped up to the podium, Kamos stepping back towards the wall. "Greetings to you, sons and daughters of Kost. We are here to add our part to our land's and people's great history, for we are forced to take ACTION! We stand at a precipice, and we WILL be forced over the edge by Amun if we stand idle, if we allow ourselves to submit to the tyrant. She will bleed us dry if we bend the knee, she will rob us 'till we have nothing more to take but our lives! Our great forefathers came here to be free. They carved into the hills and raised mighty wonders as free men. Our freedom is what makes us great, Steyrbans and Banadi move here in droves for a reason, for our liberty! And Amun intends to rob us of it!"
Hal was definitely a demagogue, Hannon felt sure that his motives were questionable if someone had to shout a bunch of buzzwords like Hal was. "Tonight! We propose a unified front! A union of all Kost, united in purpose to bring forth our full might to the Ofturharken despot! If we stand together, we shall send the Steyrban host back to the snowdrift they came from! But if we remain separate, we will fall separately!"
Several of the other leaders stood up at the proclamation of a union, some shouting about maintaining sovereignty over their towns, others complaining about not being able to convene with their local elders to make such a move. One even calling Hal and Kamos power-hungry kings, Hannon recognized that one, the son of the lord of Stonekeep, a fat bastard in every sense and a difficult moron. Even more were muttering with their own delegations and the ones seated next to them. Hannon discussed what implications there would be if he was part of a greater entity, Relier echoing the sentiments of being weakened and undermined by a central polity.
"Settle down! Settle down! Before we address some of these issues, we would like to take a general vote on whether the concept itself is something you're open to." Kamos got out a sheet of good parchment to start taking notes on the situation to have guidelines for drafting a proper treaty.
Ildra awoke generally upset, not enjoying the happiest of dreams. She took a quick look out into the main room, finding John starting to stir as the light of Tal began to shine through the slats in the window covers. She ducked back into her own room to finish getting dressed, relieved that everything is how it should be.
"Bloody hell!" she heard John nearly shout. When she popped her head back out, he apologized, "just stubbed my toe, sorry if I woke you up." She waved him off, showing that she didn't mind that commotion. When he went out to work, she followed out shortly after to purchase various vegetables leftover from winter that were still good for stew so she could have something to bring for lunch, as she intended to spend the day at her parent's.
John leaned against the wall next to the south gate, watching a couple of the farmers manually water their crop with buckets as he chatted with Esrin, the regent of the village while Hannon was off schmoozing with other powerful people, well as powerful as one could get in such a rural place. "I suppose you want to get into why our world was the way it was before and when humanity's situation amongst ourselves rapidly changed?" Esrin moved an affirmative ear as he laid some parchment on a small board he has, serving as a clipboard. He had explained to John what the request for summons Hannon got was for, which wasn't a lot with how little it entailed other than there was to be a big meeting in the biggest town in the region.
"The old world order was all a balance of power, the concert of Europe, the diplomatic dance that the great powers performed to gain an advantage over the others, culminated into that system. Britain was the biggest driver of the balance of power, stepping in to halt the expansion of other great powers like Russia until Britain entered the splendid isolation and stopped making lasting and binding treaties with other nations, except one for defending a minor nation of Belgium." Esrin was writing furiously, detailing concepts like great powers, informal alliances, empires, parliaments, and the general diplomatic dance of the old world. The regional political situation didn't exactly foster a lot of these ideas, so another region that was so diverse and fractured between many Steyrbals because of it was an alien thing. He supposed it was worthwhile to teach some of the history of an alien world, there was much to learn from the mistakes of others after all.
"France, the land of culture, wine, the city of light, and foremost among the continental powers, formed an entente with Russia, an incredibly vast empire but backwards empire led by a corrupt court. This was a response to Germany, an industrial miracle and a new empire, forming an alliance with the majestic waltzing court of Austria, rival of Russia and France. Britain, made incredibly wealthy by her limitless treasure fleets, formed an entente with France as a response to Germany. The weakened and declining Ottoman Empire was pulled between the two power blocs, and Italy, another new empire, joined in the triple alliance of Germany, Austria, and Italy. This would make for a peaceful Europe, right?" John embellished a bit to help set the stage.
Esrin affirmed with his ears again, "of course it would, you already taught me some of the nations, so I know any conflict would be too costly to consider, especially if all these superpowers were arrayed against each other. Wait, why are you smiling like that?" John nodded his head sideways. "That means no, you mean your people didn't care about the consequences of such potential conflict? Maybe you have a lot to learn from the Steyrbans."
"Do note that there hasn't been a major conflict in Europe for a hundred years, since Napoleonic France. And it was decades since the Franco-Prussian war and the Crimean war. The generals and emperors didn't know what modern war would entail, they had weapons that have never been used in war before, with a population that was double that of the time of Napoleon." Esrin made more notes, scribbling down prolonged peace and unknown weapons.
"To expand on the new technology front, in 1903, humans first discovered powered flight, and we are talking about eleven years later, 1914."
"Marvelous, simply marvelous. Why this year 1914 in particular?" He let Esrin jot down the dates, with 1914 being left without elaboration.
"The heir to the Austrian throne was assassinated by a Serbian that was a part of a Serb separatist and terror group. Germany vowed to back Austria to any extant soon after while they decided what to do. A month, that being thirty days, later, Austria declared war on the smaller Serbia. Russia, defender of all Slavs, declared war on Austria, they called in Germany, and they responded by declaring war on Russia. Germany decided to act on France first and declared war on them, and on Belgium when they declined their request to pass through their country. Britain declared war on the central powers because of that, Italy stayed neutral until France offered them a deal and Italy declared war on the central powers. Germany forced the Ottomans onto their side and the Ottomans declared war on the entente. Bulgaria wanted to go after Serbia again so they joined the central powers, Japan wanted German colonies so they joined the western allied powers. America declared war on Germany after being annoyed enough by German blockades around their trade partners. The world burst into flames and millions died for it, and then they set up the foundation for the second world war, where even more died and everything was reduced to rubble."
Esrin looked puzzled for a second, "Wait wait wait, go back over the chain of events for me, I want to get it right in case I decide to put together an article to send to one of the centers of learning for study. Others would surely be either horrified at this or amused at how absurd this is." John helped draw out the web of war that he described, mostly sure he was correct. The mess of names roughly translated into Steyrban letters connected by numerous arrows was complicated in the least. "And killing millions? You sure you got that number right? Or do I need to teach you numbers a bit better?"
"I said it right. Millions. It's not that hard when you draft every spare man into your armies and throw them at each other, with weapons capable of sending hundreds of what are equivalent to arrows towards the enemy faster than sound in a very short moment. Some other weapons capable of destroying fortresses in an instant, and killing many in a single hit from a very long distance away, on a battlefield stretching from the mountains to the sea, across almost the entire continent. No flanking, everyone dug trenches the entire way, the air itself is poison and will melt your lungs, the land between the two sides, no mans land, is a lifeless hellscape covered in barbed wire, corpses, and craters. Disease is rampant, and the high command are sending orders to jump out of safety to charge the enemy en masse while they cut you down as easily as you can write it down." A wave of horror flashed over the old Tanren's features as quickly as it came, driven back by a mix of curiosity and a duty to record it.
"Ahhh, so very different than how we fight battles. The stories coming from Steyrbal about grand battles are numerous, but they are all so similar, once you read one, you read them all. I guess if you can muster so many men to spread across the entire border and kill from a distance, that changes things. I will refrain from asking how to turn the air into poison though, I like knowledge but I don't see the good in that, and Silatis would probably prefer that information be kept on Earth."
"Indeed. To think that just two hundred years ago, most towns were like this one, then one hundred years ago, places like this had radio and electricity, and a few cars and train stations. Today, a small town on earth would have unbelievable luxuries to you." Esrin having satisfied his curiosity, went to refine and organize his notes after John's shift ended. He didn't think a lot of the finer points of international diplomacy would do him much good, there was no need to charter joint state ventures or hold councils to unify a fractured land like Germany, but if his god appreciates the spreading of knowledge, why not garner some favor, even if it is just with the nearest temple of that particular deity. Esrin enjoyed learning far more than he had, and to teach is a noble thing as far as the teacher's unions on Earth were concerned, so it was a good use of time and energy.
Ildra heard John calling Ebran over to the guard yard from inside her parent's home. His shift was over then if he was back there. She had a cup of hot tea warming her hands as she helped her little brother learn how to cut leather into strips, her mother watching from a chair at the dinner table. She decided to call John over as she saw him pass by on the street, likely on his way to the town hall if he was going the way he was for a reason.
John was greeted by Mrs. Eri Aryi, her getting up to welcome him inside before offering him a cup of minty tea, which he accepted. She struck him as a kind woman, like how a grandmother is to her grandchildren. The grey boy in the room by Ildra, Sabran, was just adorable though.
he squatted down next to the kid while he stopped fumbling with the knife, "Hey kid, how are ya? Ever see an alien from the stars before?"
"An alien? Is that what you are, you look funny." John wiggled his eyebrows and flared his nose, getting a short giggle from the boy.
"You're lookin' mighty big, making things like your pa already." Sabran tried using the knife again while looking at John, which Ildra promptly took the knife away and swatted his arm, "only use a knife when you are focused only on the knife, you could've cut yourself like that." Sabran wasn't fazed by his chastisement.
Sabran ignore his older sister. "Mhm, I am big, I'm even seven years old!" Sabran held up seven fingers with a goofy looking smile across his muzzle.
"And when you're twenty-three like me, you'll be even bigger and stronger." John rolled his shoulders back and puffed out his chest.
"Nuh-uh, I'm going to be like dad, he's bigger and stronger than you." And kids will say continue to be honest and say whatever is on their mind on other worlds as well. At least this one.
"Well Illy, he's got honesty down." John got back up to sit at the table across from Eri, the sound of Alkasar hammering away at the forge almost being drowned out by the idle chatter.
Ildra joined him at the table. "I saw Esrin with you at the gate writing stuff down, you dragging him into your schemes too?"
"Not at all, just teaching him about the lead-up to world war one and historical international diplomacy."
Eri scoffed, "men, always so interested in violence. I suppose a 'world war' would be even more manly."
"Oi, diplomacy too, mostly that actually." he feigned offense, knowing she was right.
"And that is just boring I'm sure." Ildra added her own two cents, ganging up on him.
"Whatever, I'll just do guy things with the guys, like talk about war crimes and fight in the guard yard."
"Uh huh, the manly pasttime of violence." Eri leaned back into her chair, the white furred Tanren taking a long sip of her tea.
Sabran went to Ildra begging for the knife back, but she had refused, stating that he shouldn't be using one without supervision. John wasn't so sure about a young child have a knife to begin with, but this was not England either so best not try to enforce ethics that don't fit here.
Hannon sat on the side of the bed in the room he paid for a couple nights in, hands holding up his head as he leaned over his knees. "This whole ordeal is ready to just collapse already. No way is Hal and his group going to work together with the Stonekeep delegation and the southern villages. They already almost started fighting, idiots the lot of them."
The afternoon had been hectic. One would think that a gathering of some of the most learned and wealthy men would be a civilized affair, but it was anything but. Factionalism already gripped the meeting a couple hours in when discussing the rights and powers of towns and how the central state should rule. They hadn't even gotten to who would lead the bickering band, but some of the northerners were already whispering about that. Hannon was technically the ruler of one of the more northern towns, but he was still far from Snowstone pass and he began to despise some of the pompous chiefs of a few of those villages. Some towns had sent a joint delegation to speak for all of them, and he was glad that he didn't do the same, seeing one of his neighbors become fully involved with the infighting. A few of the western coastal leaders were keen on maintaining some neutrality on a few matters, more worried about potential taxation and acquiring more protection for their ports.
"I over heard a few others that thought the same, why not work with them to voice your concerns?" Relier had the right idea, but Hannon felt it was little better than what the other groups were doing.
"No, that would only further the problem." A brief silence hung over them, only the sounds from downstairs piercing their thoughts. "Actually, we can solve a problem before it becomes major. How about proposing someone who has remained neutral in the arguing to be the head of state? Maybe Kamos? He's put up a neutral front, just mediating, or trying to." Only one raised objections outright after he showed the letter to everyone, with an official seal. He is already a natural option to be the highest ruler of the land, but to push for him to be king, Kamos would certainly be more favorable to me in return, more so than he would be to his other backers.
"Would it work though? Hal has been maneuvering himself to be a king, and he already gathered quite the support."
"Hal may be ambitious be he isn't a fool. He was dragged in by Kamos' tail, for him to turn his back on him would be metaphorical suicide and end his hope of coming out on top. Hafston of Stonekeep though, he would oppose, and he got a lot of people on his side. Gods I hate him, his lazy father didn't even bother to show, he sent his fat petulant son in his stead and he is already prancing around like he is the lord instead. Damn it, just thinking about him makes me mad." As he layed back onto the bed, hands behind his head, Relier wrote down a reminder to propose that Kamos be made king first thing in tomorrow's meeting, now that everyone was certain that they were forming in single, massive league to counter their northern neighbor. The general shouting and hollering coming from the main room of the inn downstairs we intent on keeping them awake. At least a few others would be sleep deprived zombies in the morning so they weren't alone.
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