College Conferences – Weekend Discussion [Oct 16-17]

2021.10.15 22:12 Jomskylark College Conferences – Weekend Discussion [Oct 16-17]

Weekend Tournaments Discussion Thread Use this thread to discuss college, club, youth, league, or any other ultimate taking place this weekend! Make predictions, discuss the games, react to results, share stories, etc.
College Conferences Right on the heels of USA Ultimate club regionals is the college postseason. Normally the college postseason doesn't begin until April, but there is a special fall postseason this year to make up for the lost 2020 and 2021 college seasons. An informal regular season quietly took place over the last several weekends, though there were no formal rankings.
The college postseason begins at the local level with Conferences. Events occur on one of four weekends this month. Top finishers from each Conference Championship advance to Regionals next month.

Which conference championships are you most excited about? Are you attending any event? What are your goals for the weekend? Who should we root for (or against)?
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2021.10.15 22:12 ZachryMedearis Olivia Got Her Own Camera Now!! 😌💯

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2021.10.15 22:12 BeadCut Is it just me, or is there a lot of trans peeps here?

And mean, you guys are real cool, I'm one too, it's just I swear I've seen alot.
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2021.10.15 22:12 Adrian-djfnf My mood in Stock market

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2021.10.15 22:12 SnipePro3647 Windows 11 Taskbar

Anyone know of a way to move the taskbar to the right side of the screen? As of right now it’s locked to the bottom, whereas in Windows 10 you could move it around.
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2021.10.15 22:12 LostInTheFog212 What would you do if you were going on vacation, opened your suitcase at the airport before your flight and realized your dog stowed away in your suitcase
This actually happened to a couple flying from Texas to Vegas
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2021.10.15 22:12 JakeysSubShop 3D-Printed Copper Golems

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2021.10.15 22:12 JaceB_3 Ps4 reg sim league. Need 8 more teams still have the Bills, vikings, saints, jets, Patriots, Texans, lions, and bears

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2021.10.15 22:12 Pixel_Engine Drain Potential | A 4th-level fate-stealing spell

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2021.10.15 22:12 DZ_tank LAD vs SFG game 5 ump scorecard

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2021.10.15 22:12 0_0xz how do i wipe my ass?

idk how to i use baby wipes but when i use it it makes me smell like baby wipes and alcohol which is not good when im with my friends.
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2021.10.15 22:12 FarStep8 How many different types of nodes are there and what makes them different?

I've been looking into ethereum for a while and can't seem to find a straight answer.
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2021.10.15 22:12 nazainurinfo Wealthsimple Will Give You $50 for their New App! (Free Money)

You can get $50 free from Wealthsimple’s new Cash app, even if you’re already using Trade.
Took me 30 seconds and didn’t have to deposit anything, just free $50 you can cash out. If you haven’t already used it, code is$senvetti
After using the code, go to “Referrals and Promos” and enter "CAMPUS25" for an extra $25 in addition to the first $25.
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2021.10.15 22:12 burner70 Lux appreciation post - Gavin singled Turner to 2nd so Bellinger could single him home.

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2021.10.15 22:12 ercgoodman Anybody used scappman?

I’m a huge PatchMyPc fan for both Intune and ConfigMgr but stumbled across these guys via a blog. Really just curious if anyone uses them and how they compare. Thanks
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2021.10.15 22:12 NotRealOpinions Sarah Chalke

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2021.10.15 22:12 PiddlyD Midafternoon Racing Club

Wife sent me out for a "Walk-in" appointment to get TSA Pre-Check certified. Got there and they told me they were booked solid, no walk-ins available today.
So... on the way home, I'm driving fairly casually, in comfort mode, and the guy next to me in a Honda Pilot with dealer plates... I feel like he is challenging me. Put it out of my mind. We come to a stop at a light... I decide to get ahead when it turns green... and the Pilot is sorta sticking with me. Then I hear him chirp 'em between gears, so I reached over, hit the sport button, and that was that.
Stopped to get gas... on the way out, I'm turning left, with 3 lanes in either direction - busy road. I get a pretty tight opening - but the left turn is into a merge lane... and I only see one car coming that direction. Step on it, get it, and see the other car in the outside lane. Punch it a bit to get a good comfort zone ahead of him as I merge. Now we're down to two lanes, and there is a car in front of me. I slow down... and suddenly there is a BLAST of engine noise as the black car, a Dodge Charger 392 - punches it past me. I pull out behind him and we come up to the next light together. Guy goes, "I gotta be honest, I think you might take me... You wanna do this?"
"Sure... but I don't think you're going to have any problems."
"I dunno, it is hard to get the power down in this thing..."
Switch to sport... took him... pretty hard. He was catching up and would have overtaken me on a longer run... but zero to about 70 - the M235i was dominating.
Told him, "I can live with this result!" :D
Of course, now I'll get my doors blown off by some ricer in a tuned egg-shaped sleeper eco-box - the next time around.
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2021.10.15 22:12 Jeep-Eep Magnesium shortage in Europe sometime next month.

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2021.10.15 22:12 Revolutionary-Rub578 It literally ruin my life...

I have a bad anxiety when it come to presentation or public speaking... How y'all introverts overcome that?
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2021.10.15 22:12 RiversN7 Words can't describe how BAD I want this. WE NEED A RESTOCK BIOWARE GEAR!!!!!!!

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2021.10.15 22:12 RexMadDog1209 [XB1] H: DE50 Flamer W: offers including a BE90 laserrifel

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2021.10.15 22:12 wtf_is_taken Seattle Homeless Virtue Signaling

Right now there are people in power running things who talk about how homelessness is a moral issue. They will say there is no moral way to move them, there is no way outside of a narrow solution which will come in a undermined time in the future this problem can be solved I say bullshit. There are some things we can do RIGHT NOW TODAY. To solve ~75% of the problems outside of moving them out of public spaces.

  1. Crime, station police at camps 24x7. Police will be used to enforce laws, laws that are already on the books and can and should be enforced.
  2. Garbage, pickups will be scheduled and adjusted to how much garbage each area produces. People who want jobs will be hired by the city to cleanup garbage and filth on a daily basis.
  3. Human waste/filth, Port-a-potties/showers will be setup and maintained on a daily basis.
  4. Mental health resources, will be available on a remote field basis, working together with law enforcement to help people who want help.
  5. Drugs, illegal drugs will not be tolerated and existing drug laws will be enforced. Getting clean will be an option vs jail.
  6. Noise, noise ordinances will be enforced
Doing these very easy things will help not only the homeless but existing law abiding residences while the slow turning wheels of bureaucracy work their glacial pace into fixing the problem in a more permanent manner.
With the amount of money that is being thrown at this problem. I see these things as totally doable and easy to get going within a month or two. These things would have an immediate impact on the law abiding citizenry and homeless alike. Get this shit done.
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2021.10.15 22:12 Logical-Revolution-8 Is there a difference between “sinon” and “autrement” when you want to say “otherwise” ?

I really like the word “autrement” so I hope there’s no difference and either can be used. According to Wordreference, they both mean “otherwise”
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2021.10.15 22:12 taywhite26 WiFi Set-Up Issue

Hi I am trying to set up my Xfinity WiFi for the first time and I have tried to log in to the app to do the self installation but after putting in my username and password it just takes me back to the log in screen over and over. I have seen other people reporting the same issue the past few minutes so I am not sure if it is a system wide problem or if someone could help me. Thank you!
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2021.10.15 22:12 SunnyBunchy Saw this in Northern Virginia today. There are blades of grass going right through them? Any idea what it is?

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