One of my favorite smocks I love to wear! Green is also my favorite color!

2022.01.29 03:51 dionysusbrat One of my favorite smocks I love to wear! Green is also my favorite color!

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2022.01.29 03:51 gamehow123 You know what’s crazy I put up a free legends and everyone comes and dm me but when I fucking needed help with money or some shit no one wants to help how does that make sense

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2022.01.29 03:51 zachgordon17 What is the best pack to pull right now? Probably going to throw $20 in.

Looking for the best pick for the money. What has been the most fruitful the last 24 hours
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2022.01.29 03:51 Cassieisspaghetti Aita for slutshaming my classmate cause she wears skirts and shows cleavage
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2022.01.29 03:51 le_dankest_memez :]

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2022.01.29 03:51 antisocial104 tabBarStyle strange behaviour on height for iOS

Hi Everyone!
I currently spent some time on solving an issue in my app, but can't find an answer.
There is a custom bottomTabNavigator, which has a height in %, currently height:'8%'. On iPhone simulator 8 ( that does not have 'notch') the height work correctly with no issues and lets tabBarItems to be located in centre vertically.
BUT, on all iPhones after 8, i.e. the ones with 'notch', the height is set in the wrong way and icons located incorrectly as it is shown on this picture:
In order to find out an issue, I gave a backgroundcolor: 'green' to tabBarItemStyle to check what positions it take, and that's what I found out:
In Iphone 8 and below, the yellow collar is filling blue and that's why there is no issue, but on iPhones with 'notch' this issue is present. I have no idea how to change that.
If anyone has an advice I will appreciate it!
This is the code:
position: 'absolute', bottom: 25, left: 70, right: 70, borderRadius: 35, height: '8%', backgroundColor: 'blue', elevation: 0, borderTopWidth: 0, // TO GET RID OFF WHITE LINE ON TOP }, tabBarItemStyle:{ backgroundColor:'yellow' } }} > , tabBarIconStyle: {left: -20} }}/>
, tabBarIconStyle: {left: 20},

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2022.01.29 03:51 xdVuxx How often do brackets pop off braces?

TL;DR. Got braces, haven't ate anything/drank since I got them and 5 brackets have fell off. Is this excessive? How abouts would I go getting them fixed as my ortho isn't open until Monday. Thanks.
I got my braces installed on the 29th. When I arrived home I slept for a few hours and woke up, watched netflix and a bracket popped off. I read into brackets popping off and I see that it's not uncommon so I wait until morning to call my orthodontist about having it reinstalled.
They don't pick up the entire day and whilst calling another bracket pops off. I found it odd that two popped off but I knew I'd just have to go to the orthodontist in person to have it sorted out. I stayed up until about 3AM lastnight because of the pain I was experiencing from my braces and then a 3rd bracket popped out and fell out.
I sleep and wake up a few hours later and notice an additional 2 brackets have popped off.
Is this an excessive amount of brackets popping off? How do I best cope with the pain as well? I'm unable to close my mouth and painkillers aren't doing anything :(( Thanks!
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2022.01.29 03:51 asoho 海子姐能处,给我狠狠地破防国楠

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2022.01.29 03:51 StayWideAwake- Got a 16 inch Vanny plushy the other day and it’s been my sleeping buddy since. ❤️

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2022.01.29 03:51 shady_0701 Hey guys,id like to know how many of you are atheist/agnostic or theist,if atheist/agnostic what made you lose your faith,if theist what are your thoughts on atheist/agnostic people?

Voting is enough,but if you can also share your story,Thanks
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2022.01.29 03:51 gcubed Helpful hack, or coincidence?

I might have found a hack to make our lives easier. Twice now I have connected miners, via ethernet, directly to the modems at host locations rather than the router. Both times I haven't needed to reserve an IP address or forward the port. All the other miners in the fleet required configuration and forwarding. Can any of you networking pros out there chime in on this? Is it a strange coincidence, or a strategy to adopt moving forward?
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2022.01.29 03:51 Thefunshyguy_69 Add for streaks girls !

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2022.01.29 03:51 memeguy695 Anyone to upgrade got 900k.

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2022.01.29 03:51 Similar_Platypus_150 stigma

Me: Have crippling anxiety, have panic attacks, end up in hospital multiple times thinking im dying, try whatever meds i get offered, laying around trying to breath and not able to do anything at all that I enjoy because of horrible chest tightness, muscle pains and so on.
Me: Decides to order some CBG/CBD as I'm literally at my wits end
Me: relax for the first time in months, airways feel like they are open, chest tension is gone, spend 3 days in a nice happy bubble gaming and enjoying existing again
Decide to tell my sister that I am doing better, and have found something that works for me.
Her: Tells me that I don't want to just end up relying on weed, tells me that vaporising it still creates smoke and ignores my arguments about it not really being weed and that vape literally isn't smoke. Says the only thing you should be putting in your lungs is oxygen.
Funny how if I said the doctor has put me on benzos that she would be fine with it. I just found myself getting more and more annoyed at the conversation, and have had similar reactions from other people too.
Sad. Its not like im even having it 24/7 now either, I find it just helps having it there knowing that I have a weapon to fight back with if anxiety rears its ugly head.
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2022.01.29 03:51 KennieDD Hello H3H3 Reddit

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2022.01.29 03:51 Accomplished-Gap1890 Why shanks is close with the Gorosei

During the sabaody arc Rayleigh told that the crew of roger know about the void century so that means even shanks knows it and the Gorosei are close him so he doesn’t tell the truth and even buggy knows about the void century
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2022.01.29 03:51 mararoniman Has anyone been on the same beach in multiple seasons?

Tbh it does kinda take it out of it seeing the same beaches the same seasons. Also would it give players an advantage knowing some of the hiding places for idols etc.
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2022.01.29 03:51 Healthy_Intention_31 Gente que quiera el only de Adrianafitness y su hermana háblenme al privado rápido

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2022.01.29 03:51 wasterdfgh Did you ever play mario oddesy?

Vote and reply in the comments below.?!# 😜😁
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2022.01.29 03:51 mondsen Max. amount of loans per vault?

Hi, I have a vault created with the mobile light wallet with 3 tokens. Unfortunately I can‘t mint a fourth token with my vault. Is there a limit of tokens per vault?
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2022.01.29 03:51 Repentant_Excellent Buying a used Swift 2008 Auto that used water instead of coolant for sometime

Hey guys,
I'm looking to buy a used car and came across a Swift 2008 auto owned by my friend. with 185k on ODO. I've found out that he has been filling the coolant tank with water (plain water- not distilled) for sometime now. And he recently got a leak that overheated the car several times. Mechanic quoted about AUD250 to fix the issue. The car looks fine and drives fine, except the coolant tank as well as the pipes has got mineral deposit and rust accumulated, I guess. The guy got a major engine repair done last year costing him about AUD1200. I'm wondering whether the coolant issue might have caused bigger issues that may cost me more down the road if I buy the car now. What do you guys think?
Thanks in advance
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2022.01.29 03:51 The_Moon_Io What is a great example of double standard?

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2022.01.29 03:51 Mad_iron_craft Dragon's head

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2022.01.29 03:51 Elysium94 Took me a while, but I've finally checked out Superman and Lois. And I'm already hooked. It's a wonderful love letter to all things Superman, and as a fan of Zack Snyder's take I appreciate the visual and story cues it took from his story. while combining it with others.

Took me a while, but I've finally checked out Superman and Lois. And I'm already hooked. It's a wonderful love letter to all things Superman, and as a fan of Zack Snyder's take I appreciate the visual and story cues it took from his story. while combining it with others. submitted by Elysium94 to DC_Cinematic [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 03:51 Dan_Hatag How can I finish a vault without spending gold?

Just finished the SLS AMG Black Series and I spent 180 gold.
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